Yuko oshima eiji wentz dating taylor kitsch and brooklyn decker dating

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When her friend asked her, 'So are you going to quit?', she said, 'I'm not really interested in basking in the spotlight as a celebrity, and I've had it with dating flashy celebrities', which makes it sound like she already split up with Nishikido.There was a photograph taken at just the right time of the two of them entering TAKAHIRO’s mansion At that time, both of the companies from both sides recognized that they both did interact with each other, but they denied them going out by using a third party, who lived in the same mansion, as the reason.In contrast to that, an official of an entertainment agency revealed, “Rumours of their relationship even started popping up around up to 2 years ago in the entertainment circle.When it was published in Bunshun it was like saying to yourself, “Ah, I expected that.” However, once I listened to the people around me, it seemed like Itano was more passionate about it than TAKAHIRO was.So TAKAHIRO didn’t have that inclination.”Right after the report, the companies of both sides were in a mad rush, but the Itano in question was “Surprised, but in some respects also proud”, said an official of another agency.There are also many fans of EXILE in AKB48, and among that TAKAHIRO is the most popular.An official of an entertainment agency said, “There are many girls who listen to EXILE songs when being transported.

shocked and surprised wondering what they did wrong lol.

Katsuji wore a red hat and stood out so there were probably a lot of people who noticed them." - (witness)According to a showbiz writer: "Katsuji's a very cheerful and outgoing person but he's actually very passionate.

He can talk on and on about acting once he drinks sake, and is the type who can say wha's on his mind to people who are older than him. Even Takaoka-san has taken a liking to him and even took him around once, bragging to everyone that 'this boy is cute, right?

The shock ran through the fans, but for the main members, there have been rumours in the past about Oshima Yuko with Wentz Eiji, along with the article by “Shukan Bunshun” this March which reported EXILE’s TAKAHIRO going out with Itano what fans said, unsatisfied.

However the officials of Talk and Variety shows said, “AKB48 is based on the doctrine of having evidence.

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In the case of Sashihara, there were photos, which were solid evidence.