Www eco dating com

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Www eco dating com

Furthermore, these green singles cross generations and class systems.

The figures show that around on in five of plus-55s feel the same way.

Heartening then to learn a third of British singles now see being environmentally-aware as a crucial trait.

Indeed, according to our data, it’s become more important than someone having good dress sense (14%), earning lots of money (9%) or being seen as ‘cool’ (6%).

Women tend to care a bit more, with 85% of them requiring an eco-friendly date.

58% of singles say that caring about the environment is an attractive quality, and 91% of those questioned considered themselves an environmentally friendly person.

Make sure your house is set up for recycling before they come round, because 37% of people find it irritating when their date doesn’t recycle, and it’s a dealbreaker for 17%.

*moves recycling bin to a prominent position* Littering – 74% Unnecessarily wasting food – 32% Leaving the lights on – 17% Not recycling – 17% Driving places you can walk to – 10% Driving a gas-guzzling car – 8.2% Eating meat at every meal – 7.6% Taking really long showers – 6.5% Always drinking bottled water – 6.2% Brushing teeth with tap on – 6% 64% women and 57% men find picking up litter attractive, so make sure you bend over and do some litter picking on your next stroll.

By Rachael Lloyd at eharmony Are you eco-friendly and looking for love?

People who care passionately about the future of the planet are likely to score high on traits such as conscientiousness, altruism, agreeableness and open-mindedness.

One might argue they also possess higher levels of intellect – at the very least let’s hope they are able to see beyond the political rhetoric which assures us we are doing super-well in tackling climate change.

It could even win you valuable desirability points.

So, go on, take those old clothes to the charity shop, stop printing off your emails, watch the water consumption; maybe even cut out meat and dairy.

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31% women and 21% men find it sexy when their date whipped out a reusable water bottle, so ditch that plastic and get choosing a good one.

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