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Dan Savage wants DLB to follow the 'Campsite rule':[quote]Campsite rulecoined by dan savage, in relationships with a large age disparity, at the end of the relationship, the elder partner should leave the younger in "better shape than they found them".This includes no diseases, no fertilized eggs, no undue emotional trauma, and whatever education that can be provided.i wish that my older boyfriend would have observed the campsite rule with me, now i have a broken heart and a monthly prescription for valtrex. LOL Just treat them respect and don't use or abuse them and you will be fine.4 December 2013[quote]A friend told The Sun: 'He's besotted with Dustin.Black is currently working on screenplays for Ron Howard's Under the Banner of Heaven and Barefoot Bandit for director Robert Zemeckis. Daley is currently in London, where he posted on his Facebook earlier today, "I'd just like to say a massive thanks for all the support yesterday..truly was overwhelming xx."If this is real then.. Tom also sounded like a 15 yea old girl in love so he might be really crushed when it doesn't work out, unless he's smarter and more calculating than I give him credit and is just preparing a future career for himself. Petersburg with the film's director Gus Van Sant and producers Bruce Cohen and Dan Jinx. Lance also moves from kid to kid so this sounds unpromising. Strange couple, makes me think of a chihuahua humping a great dane, but if true I don't see what everyone's so outraged about. Tom's British anyways, so tack on 5 years for maturity.[quote]Tom's British anyways, so tack on 5 years for maturity. He's an Olympic athlete that has been training and competing at the highest levels for years. trashy trash.)The age difference seems a bit much but I'm sure a lot of us dated much older guys when we were younger too. What Tom Daly has seen in him (besides an open door into Hollywood), is beyond anything anyone can understand. DLB probably fucked this kid once and is as shocked as we are that Tom thinks they're a couple. DLB has definitely introduced him to the gay world though... DLB going to Russia left a very strong impression on Tom."There is nothing creepy about this. So now we know the real reason why his grandparents thought he was "too young" to make such a "decision." Christ, if my 19 y.o. DLB in such an obfuscated whirlwind, I'd be advising caution, as well. Who is a great actress, but was DEFINITELY shortchanged in the looks department. Only hope Tom dumps him soon for someone his own age, who won't drag him into the Hollywood smut, and who deserves him. You could have had any cute boy your age and decided to go for him?! Cut to Taylor Lautner throwing a bitchy "enjoy my seconds, twink" look R118, he looks like Amanda Plummer. Age doesn't ravage them like it ravages better looking people. Said student is now a 23 year old drop out and kept woman who takes ballet lessons and drives a leased Porsche thanks to Mr. I'm not sure how this is going to work out for either of them. From DLB's facebook it seems like he has been in San Francisco. (Oh yeah, and I'm sure none of you holier-than-thous ever engaged in unsafer sex, or lusted after younger men. And what fools to [Q]assume[/Q] it's [Q]only[/Q] physical. I hope they're both on the up-and-up, and that things work out for them together, or for each of them if it doesn't work out well. Daley Dumps Dustin Lance Black, Moves On To Simon Halls LONDON—Following reports earlier this week of diver Tom Daley's whirlwind romance with "Milk" screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, sources confirmed today that Daley has moved on and is apparently now dating publicity executive Simon Halls.

Daley and Dustin were pictured getting coffee at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Hollywood last week according to website Queerty. We all knew she was gay but honestly is she also one of those classic little twinks that gets a hard on over status and money?

Olympic diver Tom Daley surprised fans yesterday when he came out and told the world via You Tube that he was dating a man. Yesterday, Daley posted a touching You Tube video in which he came out as dating a man."In spring this year, my life changed massively when I met someone and they made me feel so happy, so safe and everything just feels great," the 19-year-old said. It felt right and I thought, 'OK,' and my whole world changed there and then." He added, "Of course, I still fancy girls, but right now I'm dating a guy and I couldn't be happier."Black returned yesterday to L. from a trip to Russia to screen Milk at an LGBT film festival in St. I can't help but thinking this is an odd couple though. But at least I'm not Dustin Lance Black, the oldest castmember of High School Musical. Hopefully Daley won't catch anything while they're together and hopefully his looks won't get sucked away. So that twink in R128's video link is an ex of DLB? The first few minutes I thought "omg, how long will he drone on." Then he got into a rhythm and it turned into an amazing speech that had three thousand people on their feet applauding. I have a feeling his grandparent's restraint is about the age and the relative L. There's something sorta Michael Jackson about it Hooking up with Oscar-winner Lance could seem very exciting for a 19 year old.

Back in October, Daley and Black were spotted together for the first time, grabbing a snack at The Coffee Bean in Hollywood. It was always in the back of my head that something like that could happen, but it wasn't until spring this year that something just clicked. I had been putting myself down recently for being with a couple younger guys. How THE FUCK did this 39 year old troll get with him? Not surprising an older troll would prey on a young, vulnerable first-time gay. And Tom is attracted to older guys - which is common occurrence at guys his age. I met DLB last month at a charity event where he was a speaker. Who are you to judge that his previous choices were poor. There is something very wrong with Dustin Black hooking up with him. Now, if it were Tom and that closet case Ryan Lochte, that would be different. I think the most interesting thing about the first article is that [I]Milk[/I] was allowed to be shown in Russia. of relatively equal stature, I wouldn't be raising a fuss. I also like to think of relationships in terms of "equals." Stupid me. And his infatuation with teenagers, he's constantly pictured with boys half his age, and now dating one who looks 16.

She'd be just the type to fall for this old queens routine and call it love.

The stories I could tell about that vapid freak DLB are pretty good. You either appreciate her weird ass or you see her as the lying, sleazy, fame whore she is and for which she will repeatedly tell you over and over she proudly is.

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