Weird online dating stories

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Weird online dating stories

He was tall, dark, and handsome, so I was really looking forward to getting to know him.He ordered two margaritas and I had two glasses of white wine. Conversation and drinks were flowing, and I was surprisingly having a good time. He paid the bill, I thanked him for the date, and we both went our separate ways. He was literally disgusted that I didn’t reach for my purse when the check came, and he demanded that I send him for my portion of the bill. I blocked him on all forms of social media and obviously vented to all my friends about what had just happened. Since I blocked him, he decided to message my MOTHER ON FACEBOOK asking where I got my manners from, since I did not split the bill.I have not been on a Bumble date since.” — Alexa “Recently, I went out with a guy who said birth control was a sin, women shouldn’t be educated over a high school level, and sex was only for making babies.When I told him I needed to leave, he said I was fat.” — Claire “Went on a date with a guy in September and Stanford rapist Brock Turner was on the news on the TV in the bar.

That’s when I faked a stomach ache and legit bounced out of the bar so fast.” — Annie But all hope is not lost, and singles don’t have to choose between staying in the City of Angels Ghosting and finding someone who won’t pull a Scott Disick.She shows up at my house (I’m not a douche, she specifically didn’t want me to pick her up) and within the five minutes between arrival and my Uber showing up, she manages to drop the N-word casually TWICE.She must not have seen how hard my face dropped the first time because about one minute after round two, my black roommate walks out of his room to grab a glass of water.Read to the end for a professional matchmaker's tips on finding a soulmate in soulless LA.“I met this guy off OKCupid and we met for drinks in Hollywood.

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Both were brunette, Jewish, average height, late 20s, attractive, great conversationalists. And there was another common denominator: both women owned pet snakes.

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