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The research report was shared with the Chinese authorities with a call to actively use the internet and new media to engage with young people and fulfill their SRHR needs.

In 2018, Love Matters China launched the first SRHR big data research project together with China Family Planning Association and Tsinghua University.

In 2018, the team focused on increasing their visual and multi-media content and Love Matters China’s videos were viewed more than 46 million times on various channels.

In order to challenge social norms on sexual rights issues, Love Matters China has a strategic focus on the topics of gender-based violence (GBV), rights of LGBTQ persons and gender equality.

There is a massive demand for reliable, evidence– and rights-based and sex-friendly information in China.

Almost half of Chinese people between ages 18 and 30 are not given sex education at school, according to research carried out by Love Matters China and Beijing Forestry University in 2014.

Working together with a variety of media and advocacy partners, Love Matters China supports media to convey an inclusive discourse on young people’s SRHR, provides trainings to mainstream media professionals on how to use evidence-based SRHR information and collects data to build evidence to foster a more favourable social and policy environment for young people.

In 2017, Love Matters China conducted an online survey on comprehensive sex education in Chinese schools together with China Family Planning Association (CFPA).

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The hashtag rapidly generated 4.36 million page views and 27,000 engagements.

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