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Like their counterparts in the Czech republic, Dancina Bear featured a combination of real people acting as extras, and professional porn stars performing the hardcore CFNM content.The result was quite successful, mainly because of the sites furry mascot and the fun and games feel of their content.

Regardless if you’re a man or a woman, CFNM encounters can lead to truly mind blowing orgasms if you understand it’s underlying principles. For the male participant, it’s about surrendering yourself sexually to a woman who takes pleasure in observing and directing your actions.Thinking nobody else could see, the females openly stroke the entertainers erect penises.Manual stimulation later led to oral interaction when dancers strutted about the room with cans of pressurized whipped cream.And if they were acting, they would have garnered a few oscar nominations for their reactions to what was happening around them.I think the footage was real, and probably fulled by a fair bit of alcohol.

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Before long, copycat CFNM websites were sprouting up left and right, with varying levels of success and authenticity.

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