Virtual dating a boy how to stop dating someone

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Virtual dating a boy

All these choices have an impact on how history will develop.

Inspired by the Japanese otome-games, Sweet Flirt invites the player to live a unique VISUAL ROMAN in a bright and romantic world!

He was made an anime character, which is now insanely popular not only in Japan but also beyond.

In the fitness application, there is a story according to which the user is constantly eaten by sweet and other delicious products, from which you can easily gain excess weight.

Choose a living being and start teaching him how to turn into a real man.

At your choice, there is a huge range of clothes and accessories, put it on your taste.

Each of the options will have its consequences, both positive (in the form of awards) and negative (the companion can elementary send you away).

The application has several levels, the worthy passage of which will open up new opportunities for you.

The application My Virtual Boyfriend – is a kind of dating simulator, having mastered which, you will get to know a man in real life much quicker.

Also, you can change the color of the eyes, hair, and even personality features.

Do you prefer more calm guys, or impressive, or caring and loving? Application features: Get it on Android Get it on i OS back to menu ↑ Create a guy of your dreams!

You choose the boyfriend you like and start a dialogue with him. Play your friends, pretend that you are communicating with a real friend and get funny answers from your fictitious man.

But remember, this application is for entertainment purposes only.

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Get it on Android Get it on i OS back to menu ↑ In the Internet space, the fitness application “Burn Your Fat With Me!

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