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Validating xml with perl

Schematron's secret is that it's most often implemented as an XSLT stylesheet, in which the Schematron stylesheet is applied to the schema and the result of that transformation is applied as a stylesheet to the document being validated.The same is true with most flavors of except that the stylesheet is created dynamically and all the details hidden from view.Both of these features (and Relax NG validation) are planned for XML:: Lib XML, but weren't available at the time of printing. Always validating raises an error if the file does not have a DTD or Schema.Auto raises an error only if the file has a DTD or Schema, but it fails to validate against that DTD or Schema.The details vary widely, but the basic interface and functionality is the same: there is a section of the page that contains a largish for entering HTML markup and a preview area where that markup is displayed.When the form is submitted the preview section is updated.

This month we will be looking at the Perl implementation of the Schematron: my element in the context of the abstract root.This ubiquity made web-based applications possible. By having a common, albeit limited language from which to build user interfaces, client-server applications could often abandon the use of platform- and application-specific client-side executables in favor of accessing data and logic on the server through the CGI or Web server extension.The importance of HTML's ubiquity in web applications is especially noticeable in the class of applications I'll call "in-browser content editors".Currently, the Sablotron and Lib XSLT processors are supported, but if you do not have or want an XSLT processor installed, you may use interface that will validate that content and warn the user about any validation errors that may have been encountered.To avoid information overload we will focus on the parts that are directly relevant to validating the submitted content and warning the user about any errors encountered.

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If that is not the case, if the top-level element were called something else, the text contained by the assert element would delivered to the user as an indication that the rule failed. The difference is that test in an assert element contains an expression that should evaluate to true in the given context for the structure to be valid; a report element's test expression creates a validity rule that should evaluate to elements to complete the schema.

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