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Unemployed people coming from rural areas use OTC preparations less often.People who have primary education buy OTC products for boosting the immune system significantly more often in comparison to highly educated people (OR = 3.95), but they use OTC drugs for self-medication less frequently (OR = 0.25).Besides smaller groups of researchers scattered within different projects, currently there are four main and rather homogeneous Serbian research teams (the total of about 40 users) actively involved in CERN international projects Our citizens have the right to apply equally with colleagues from other member states for funds from the CERN budget.The well-known CERN Summer School for undergraduate and graduate students, the prestigious CERN scholarships for one or more years, then-doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships, as well as various forms of financial support for specialisation at CERN, represent perhaps the greatest benefits for our researchers.A significant part of basic and applied research is conducted in the fields of chemistry, medicine and pharmaceuticals.This world’s leading laboratory combines basic and applied research in the most ideal way: new and high research requirements and challenges initiate innovation, development and the application of the latest technologies.

To conclude, and taking into account some cases of other countries, and on the basis of some of the personal experiences to date, I would dare to say that the CERN membership could help Serbia advance in many segments.The greatest part of CERN’s research and financial potential is focused on exploiting the existing accelerator chain, whose last stage represents the largest accelerator, the most complex scientific instrument ever conceived, the Large Hadron Collider – LHC, along with its four largest and most complex experiments in science up to date.Alongside advancing and raising the quality of basic research that has the largest impact on the formation of the scientific profile within one society, the following can be singled out as the most important advantages of Serbia’s membership in CERN: The chance to get involved of a large number of users of various research and technical profiles, thus reducing or at least slowing down of hardly avoidable departures (leaving) of the highly educated people, particularly recent graduates from the country.All these are particularly important for countries, whose researchers and users are involved in CERN projects.By the end of 2018, there were between 75 and 80 users registered at CERN from Serbia.

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With their activities in the field of basic research in High Energy Physics, then in the development of detector technologies (R&D), as well as in permanent engineering activities, all of them are trying to provide a recognisable contribution to specific CERN projects.

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