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Updating sql 2016 name

In previous versions of SQL Server, this meant that scans or seeks would be performed against the parent table in order to validate a write operation, prior to it being committed.The specific operations required to validate the foreign key would be explicitly shown in the execution plan, for all referenced tables.In this tip we look at the steps within SQL Server you need to follow if you change the physical server name for a standalone SQL Server.As you may know, the internal SQL Server name is based on the physical server name, but changing the physical server name does not update the metadata within SQL Server.Note that in the first update statement, we use the same value twice.Common sense would tell us that it should only be necessary to validate this once, but the optimizer will check twice anyway.You can follow the below steps to update the SQL Server system metadata which stores the physical server name in sys.servers.The below solution works for default and named SQL instances on a standalone machine (non-clustered).

Let’s take a few minutes to run some tests and find out exactly how this new operator performs and compares to what we experienced in previous versions. As a result, when we update them, it is necessary to validate referential integrity for each value added here: These plans each show that each individual update is check for a valid value in the parent table.

Here’s a brief list with a bit of detail: These changes are almost exclusively enhancements—each improving how execution plans or statistics are managed or adding parallelism into plans that previously could not benefit from it.

If you’re using old has algorithms that are discontinued in SQL Server 2016, be sure to transition to newer ones that are supported prior to upgrading your compatibility level.

In SQL Server 2016, the Foreign Key References Check is introduced to handle all referential integrity checks in a single step.

Microsoft’s documentation indicates that this change will greatly simplify execution plans and reduce compilation time for the execution plan.

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Despite being in a compatibility mode, you can still take advantage of new SQL Server features, so long as they do not directly conflict with a feature of the older compatibility level you are using.

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