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Each federation server is required to have a server authentication certificate and a token-signing certificate before it can participate in AD FS communications.The trust policy requires an associated certificate, known as a verification certificate, which is the public key portion of the token-signing certificate.This does not cause a service outage of AD FS 2.0, but an application issue when the token is received and signed with something other than the expected certificate. With Auto Certificate Rollover enabled, AD FS 2.0 will continue to function as expected.Validate your ADFS configuration: To validate your configuration, connect to your primary ADFS Server and follow these Power Shell instructions: Open the Windows Power Shell Add-PSSnapin Microsoft. Power Shell Get-ADFSProperties Certificate Critical Threshold: 2 - Days prior to expiry of the certificate before a new certificate is generated and promoted if Auto Certificate Rollover has not performed naturally.This is not true if the Relying party has been updated on the 5 days that exist between the new certificate creation and the promotion. New certificate will be created on and will be marked as Secondary [20 days before expiration].On the the Secondary Certificate is promoted to Primary [5 days after new certificate generation].

These certificates are requested and installed through the Internet Information Services (IIS) snap-in.

If the existing primary certificate (Token Signing or Token Decryption) expiration time is within the window of the Certificate Generation Threshold value (20 days), then a new certificate is generated and configured as the secondary certificate.

Noted by event ID 335 in the event logs: It will remain as the secondary certificate until the Certificate Promotion Threshold value is observed (5 days).

This helps prevent attackers from forging or modifying security tokens to gain unauthorized access to resources.

Digital signatures on security tokens are also used in the account partner when there is more than one federation server.

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