Updating ad from sharepoint

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Updating ad from sharepoint

I had also come across it in Excel since Excel Tables have the ability to export to Share Point.In this post, I’m going to share with you what I found out about Share Point and Excel.You can think of it as an internal company website (intranet) that can help improve your organization’s data management.A sort of Wikipedia style server or information portal.You have the user test after lunch and they are still able to access the site.Your gut tells you to run a full User Profile Sync and then a Search Crawl and everything will be alright.

One of the most noticeable differences between Share Point 2010 and Share Point 2013 is the default authentication method is claims authentication, not classic.When it’s finished click on Manage User Profiles and search for a user and click on Edit My Profile. End users can update their own profile in Share Point without intervention from administrators or help desk.These properties are Windows Token Lifetime (Default is 10 hours) and Logon Token Cache (Default is 10 minutes).Here is a Power Shell script to change the Token Lifetime to 2 minutes and Expiration to 1 minute.

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But even the best Excel based template in the world wasn’t going to solve all their problems.

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