Taylor kitsch and brooklyn decker dating

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I mean, that's in the distant future, but that's always been a goal of mine.

Decker and her tennis player husband, Roddick, married in 2009 and Decker once commented that she couldn't wait to be barefoot and pregnant.

The stars of the film, arrived in a boat around pm, being Rihanna the first one who started with the round of interviews.

Moreover, all the media this time was separated from the fans, in a very cool set up that we tough was the best idea ever made, because in that way the stars will have the whole time for us and for the fans as well with no distractions.

Then they see you're someone who shows up to the set in pajamas and no makeup, watches sports and belches.

Actress and former model Brooklyn Danielle Decker was born in Kettering, Ohio, the oldest child of Tessa Renee (Moore), a nurse, and Stephen Michael Decker, a pacemaker salesman. And now I live in Brooklyn part-time, so go figure.

‘She can do no wrong in my eyes.’ Brooklyn plays Samantha, daughter of Neeson’s character Admiral Shane, in the movie which centres on a battle between aliens and a US naval fleet.

However, we fight against photographers, security and other outlets in order to get some quick words in a real battle of microphones and cameras, while she was leaving and she answer one of our questions in a very quick way. Later on, she also added to more people while she was walking that she was very happy with the opportunity Peter Berg gave her and to the staff who helped her while filming, especially to her stunts doubles: Taylor Kitsch and Brooklyn Decker were the last ones, and obviously they were forced to not stop for many of us there, because they were late, still both of them were cool enough to give us a short interview while waiting to jump on the photo wall and they even posed for a photo with us after that…Thanks Guys!

The former Sports Illustrated model can be seen laying on the floor in white lingerie as part of her promotional work for upcoming film Battleship, which also stars Rihanna.25-year-old Brooklyn and Ri Ri star in the picture alongside Taylor Kitsch and Liam Neeson and she recently told Xpose that herself and the Barbadian beauty were ‘tomboys at heart’.

Brooklyn said: ‘I don’t want to speak for her [Rihanna] but I think what we have in common is that we both loved being on set with boys.’ Brooklyn, who is married to American tennis ace Andy Roddick, also had time to tell her top-five crush list to GQ, with some leftfield choices emerging.

However, something funny happened, because after Rihanna was done with the very few interviews she did, dismissing a lot of media outlets there, the media area technically started to be dismantled, with some staff taking off the ropes and letting some random people get into our spots and what make the matters worst, all the rest of the stars were half way on the media area and were rushed to the photo wall in order to follow Rihanna, so we were forced to share questions with another outlets and get some answers while the stars and the director were walking. Just quick question: after your experience in a huge blockbuster like John Carter (that we personally loved) how was filming in the open sea in another film full of special effects like Battleship?

Despite that, we had the chance to speak with the very friendly New Zealand actor John Tui, who was extremely happy and proud of being part of the film, where he plays the role of ‘The Beast’, and let us tell you that we saw the film and he is so far one of the best ones on the movie as a bad ass sidekick of Kitsch’s character Hooper. “Was amazing mate, I love acting and this experience was unreal for me, I was very honoured to be part of this cast were everyone treated me as an equal and you know, being from new Zealand, being from Down Under was just great to be there representing our side of the world”John Tui: “Liam is the man, is the only thing I`ve to say, he is just great in what he does! “yeah, we shot a lot in the water in the middle of the production in the ocean with green screens, and the best thing of work with those screens and the result of the film is that it feels extremely real!

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When she was a teenager, she was discovered by a talent spotter in a shopping mall in ... My mom's best friend had a horse named Brooke, so my dad suggested 'Brooklyn' as a more formal version, and it just stuck.

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