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Social issue on teen dating

Similarly, about seven-in-ten teens say these sites make them feel more in touch with their friends’ feelings (69%), that they have people who will support them through tough times (68%), or that they have a place to show their creative side (71%).

But although sizable shares of teens encounter positive experiences on social media, some report encountering drama or feeling pressure to present themselves in a certain way.

Meanwhile, girls are more likely than boys to say they post about their family (53% vs. Some 45% of teens say they often or sometimes post selfies on social media, with 16% saying they do this often.

Boys are more likely than girls to say they’ve unfriended or unfollowed someone because that person posted too much or too often (67% of boys who regularly unfriend say this vs. Majorities of teens believe social media helps people their age diversify their networks, broaden their viewpoints and get involved with issues they care about.

In addition, more than half of these teens (54%) say they have unfriended or unfollowed someone because that person posted too much or too often, and a similar share disconnected from someone because the person bullied them or others.

A smaller share of these teens say they unfollow others because they act differently online than in person (43%) or post political views they disagree with (22%).

And while two-thirds of black teens and about half (51%) of Hispanic teens report regularly sharing selfies on social media, that share drops to 39% among white youth.

Black teens are also much more likely than whites to say they at least sometimes post things they want to go viral (41% vs. A central conversation surrounding social media and young people is the impact these platforms may be having on the emotional well-being of teens.

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There are some age and gender differences in the topics teens share on social media. And older girls are especially likely to post about a variety of subjects – including their dating lives, their family, their emotions and their religious or political beliefs, compared with older boys or younger teens.

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