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You might think that you would immediately know if a first date is bad or not. But taking my experience into account, there are some signs of a bad first date we overlook at first.

[Read: How to calm your first date jitters]Being able to spot the signs of a bad first date right off the bat is important. You also don’t want to miss red flags that could cause serious problems down the line. So, it is important to be able to see the less obvious signs of a bad first date.

On a first date, you should both be on your best behavior.Someone may interpret something in a way it was not intended or someone misspoke due to nerves, but if your date says something that goes against your beliefs, religion, or race or anyone else’s, it was a bad date.#9 You’re uncomfortable. Whether your date said something weird, implied something you didn’t like, or even just gives you an off vibe, bad date signal.#10 Your mind is drifting. If you find yourself thinking about work, what you’re going to do when you get home, or really anything off topic, the date cannot be going that well. The point where talking about exes goes awry is when it becomes a complaining session, a therapy session, or the focus of the conversation. [Read: 13 warning signs that’ll always reveal a bad date no matter what] #12 They leave early. We had a good conversation, and things went smoothly. And even though he said he wanted another date, he ended things at three pm saying he needed to head to work.There is a time and place to share what happened in your last relationship. If you notice that your date’s ex keeps popping into the conversation, that is a sign of a bad first date. If the date was going well, he wouldn’t have cut it short.Whether it was you, your date, or both of you who drank too much that was a bad first date.The signs of a bad first date can range from horrific and disastrous to mediocre and dull.

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While not all setbacks are indicators of an unhealthy relationship, it’s enough to make you question it.