Psychology and dating women

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Mating with a genetically different partner is thought to have survival value because it increases the genetic diversity of any child born as a result of such a tryst.David Ley, in the article "Why Are Women Cheating More?It appears in your body language, in your voice, in your social skills, in how you dress…but, mostly, in how you ARE.Everything which follows, whether it’s the structure for meeting women (mine is simple: engage/hook/connect), whether it’s the social skills for attracting them, whether it’s the importance in establishing and maintaining a strong emotional connection with them, all the way down to how you ask for her phone number…it all MATTERS.This is partly achieved by studying them in their roles of: One dynamic outlined by feminine psychologists is the balancing act that women partake in between the more traditional role of motherhood and the more modern one of a career woman.Balancing the roles means attempting to satisfy both the need for personal achievement and the need for love and emotional security.Traditionally, it has been thought that women are naturally more monogamous than men.

In many cases, women whose marriages seem happy and whose lives look idyllic on the outside feel bored, powerless and trapped, according to clinical psychologist Frances Cohen Praver in the article "Why Women Have Secret Lovers, " which appeared in the July 6, 2009 issue of "Psychology Today." This is particularly likely to happen to a woman if her husband is focused on his career, Praver says.

By the end of this article, I want you to understand this ONE “essence” of female psychology and how, if you are able to adopt this principle into your life, your interactions, dates and relationships with women will dramatically change.

To tie this all together (and to avoid the rabid female response which is inevitable – “you treat us as objects!

This increase may simply reflect the increased social acceptance of infidelity in recent decades, which encourages more women to admit to cheating.

A 2010 survey conducted by AARP indicates that only 22 percent of respondents believed that "non-marital sex" was wrong.

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Women whose mothers fostered feelings of both warm attachment and confident autonomy may find ways to enjoy their children and/or work, often modifying work and family environments in ways that favor both" (Stuart, 2008).