Paul washer sermon on dating

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Description: Paul continues his teachings on God's love, but with an emphasis on our response. Are you giving Him all of you or are you just giving Him activity? Description: Brother Paul Washer here lays down the foundation for a biblical and solid marriage.He teaches how God has chosen us to be a revelation to His creation of His love and glory. While he tears down the secular mindset that has crept it's way into the church like lists of conditions for a spouse and dating, he also sets up the framework for what can truly help anyones marriage.Description: Brother Paul Washer here shows us the framework for true biblical missions.The primary motivation for both our sending of missionaries, and also our going as missionaries is two-fold, we must not send men, but the truth of God, and we do not go primarily for man, but for God.

I consecrate myself to God to do His will where I am, be it in school, office, or kitchen, or wherever He may, in His wisdom, send me.” - Watchman Nee Description: This message is three short messages put together into one.Paul Washer speaks on the idea of dating and shows that it is very unbiblical and wrong.He breaks down many preconceptions people have about courtship in a biblical sense.This is a very strong message but very important to listen to when we have almost lost all bibilcal instruction and decency in this area of courtship.Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Paul Washer in mp3 format.

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