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He wonders how he could have gone about things differently to save his first true love, but has since moved on and found hope and love with various other women. With her secret revealed during the ‘Original Sin’ storyline, an initial meeting between Silk (AKA Cindy Moon) and Parker sees an immediate physical attraction take place.

The memories of Gwen however will remain with Parker forever. Brought together by their Spider-Senses, the two share a passionate relationship, but in the ‘Spider-Verse’ storyline it’s clear that it’s not a practical union.

Parker Stevenson is a famous television and movie actor of America, best known for his role as Frank Hardy on The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries.

He is also recognized for his lead role as Austin James in the television film Probe (1998).

Parker Stevenson was born as Richard Stevenson Parker on 4 June 1952, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

Stevenson holds an American nationality and is of North American ethnicity.

Mary-Jane is the literal girl next door and Peter Parker’s most iconic partner.

The pair fell hard for one another, but things were never going to last with all of Spider-Man’s enemies lurking around every corner. Over in the ‘real world’ however, Silver Sable and Spider-Man’s relationship has never gone past flirting and banter.

Stacy’s life came to an end when the Green Goblin was running wild and threw her from the Brooklyn Bridge to spite his biggest foe, Spider-Man. In the past, Sable has even hired Spider-Man to work for her, tasking the hero with stealing incriminating documents from a money launderer.

He began his professional acting career at the age of 20, playing He has a net worth of million but his salary is not revealed yet.

There are no rumors of Parker being in any affairs at the current time.

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With Parker's charismatic ways and infectious charm, it’s not hard to see how he manages to wrangle so many beauties.

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