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Companies sourcing 100 percent (or near) RSPO-certified palm oil in all of their manufacturing regions, according to 2017 RSPO reports or their websites, include Ferrero, Mars, Danone, General Mills and Kellogg Company.With the exception of Kellogg, all are sourcing 100 percent of their palm products through what’s known as "mass balance" (a combination of certified, segregated sustainable palm oil, conventional and often sustainable palm oil produced by smallholders) and/or fully segregated sustainable palm oil.

Major food companies such as Colgate Palmolive, Ferrero, General Mills, Mars, Mondelez, P&G and Unilever have taken steps to identify and publish their palm oil supply chains.Such lack of ambition is not lost on investors, who are "getting to the point where they really want to see these policies in action" said Siobhan Collins, senior manager of food and capital markets at Ceres, noting repeat shareholder resolutions filed with Restaurant Brands International, Yum Brands and Mondelez, as well as dozens of dialogues on implementation of deforestation policies.There are ample resources, from the Accountability Framework Initiative to industry stakeholder groups and initiatives summarized by Ceres Engage the Chain (PDF), that could help companies move from paper commitments to action on the ground.Clearly, more work is urgently needed to increase sustainable palm oil production, but compared to other major food commodities, such as soybeans or beef, 20 percent sustainable is progress.Among the bright spots on palm oil, a new report (PDF) shows that 74 percent of palm oil imported into the European Union for food is certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO).

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