Nigerian men online dating scams good catch phrases for dating sites

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Nigerian men online dating scams

A number of supposed official documents (crude forgeries) were displayed to back up the story.

While I concluded that there didn’t appear to be Federal jurisdiction, the perpetrators were eventually convicted of fraud locally.

For every dollar contributed to freeing the money, an investor would get 300 back.

Upon finding out more information about the “nice looking woman” — her parents died in a tragic accident and she has no family or friends who can help her stateside, or she was abandoned by her previous boyfriend in said country with no money to get home — this is where I become skeptical and ask if they have gone to the embassy or local church to find assistance to return home.

After all, I barely know these “women.” Once I tell them that I cannot help them with any kind of financial help, contact almost always ceases.

Like many single women, the Midwestern mother of two and caretaker for her ailing father found many possibilities and opportunities when it came to meeting men online. Messenger from October 2006 through February 2007, Walter, a self-described white-collar engineer and college sports enthusiast, ended up taking the spellbound Meade for the ride of her life.

“We were going to get married,” she recalls, fighting back tears.

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