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Nairobi live sex show

"Kenyans are a tolerant and curious lot," Gitari said.

Despite its laws, the country is a haven for LGBT refugees in East and Central Africa with a vibrant social movement and growing government interest in the health of gay people, he said.

-- A three-judge panel of Kenya's High Court has upheld sections of the country's penal code that criminalize same-sex relations.

The judges' unanimous ruling on Friday disappointed Kenya's vibrant gay community, as many had hoped the court would make history by scrapping the colonial-era laws.

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For 28-year-old gay rights activist and gospel singer Joji Baro, the memories of discrimination, physical attacks, arbitrary arrests and being disowned by family for coming out are still too fresh, and he said that even if the court had ruled to lift the ban, he wouldn't have gone home."Due to my sexuality, I lost my family and my friends," he told The Associated Press on Thursday from his current home in South Africa, where he said he has found "safer ground" for advocacy work.

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But negative stereotypes persist, including the wrong beliefs that all LGBT people are sex workers and all gay men have HIV, Gitari said.

At least half of the LGBT people in Kenya have suffered physical and verbal assault, according to a survey by the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission.

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Baro said he wouldn't feel safe returning home even if gay sex was decriminalized, as things don't change overnight.

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