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BROCHURE/MAP RIDE WITH GPS 45.5 Miles This is a long loop, but one with a great riding experience.

Almost entirely on low traffic country roads, it begins along the Rock River, travels a bit through wooded hills and curves, then straightens out for a largely flat and fast ride through the open country.

BROCHURE/MAP RIDE WITH GPS 43.2 Miles The toughest ride of the bunch, designed with the more adventuresome cyclist in mind. Morris and then the roller coaster hills of Oregon Trail Road. BROCHURE/MAP RIDE WITH GPS 29.7 Miles With the exception of a short steep hill to get you above the Rock River valley, this loop provides a great ride through slightly rolling countryside.

Gravel roads, deep countryside valleys, a lot of hills and a lot of miles. BROCHURE/MAP RIDE WITH GPS 26.3 Miles A nice shorter loop through a wide variety of scenery. Consider a short gravel ride up the hill to Stonghold Church Camp, site of Stronghold Castle. The views across the miles-wide shallow valleys are unmatched in grandeur.

The hotel is deserted, staffed by a single desk clerk.Each has a printable brochure with map and points of interest as well as a link to “Ride with GPS” interactive maps. so feel free to start in any of Ogle county’s quaint communities. BROCHURE/MAP RIDE WITH GPS 32.4 Miles The signature ride of the described loops.This relatively short ride takes you twice across the Rock River, past grasslands with free ranging bison, and by the small historical village of Grand Detour – the pioneer home of John Deere where he invented the modern plow in 1837.State highway 2 provides very wide shoulders which often used by cyclists between Oregon and Byron.Side trip to the Byron Forest Preserve is a steep climb, but you are rewarded with a great view and award winning interpretive center.

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BROCHURE/MAP RIDE WITH GPS 42.3 Miles One of the longer, yet easier loops to ride.

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