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Married dating in pennyhill delaware

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Kent and Alastair Stewart · See more »Albert Edward Mc Kenzie VC (23 October 1898 – 3 November 1918) was an English recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces. Kent and Alexander Rolls · See more »Alexander Mc Neill Streatfeild-Moore (born Alexander Mc Neill Streatfeild; 17 October 1863 – 30 December 1940) was an English cricketer and member of the Streatfeild family. 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Kent and Alfred Luff · See more »Major General Alfred Henry Musson, CB, CBE, Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1996, (14 August 1900–6 August 1995) was an English cricketer and British Army officer. 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Kent and Alfred Fowell Buxton · See more »Alfred George Gardyne de Chastelain, DSO, OBE (1906–1974) was a British-Canadian businessman, soldier, and secret agent, noted for his actions during World War II. Pledge & Sons Ltd, Hackington, Hacklinge, Hadlow, Hadlow (1814 ship), Hadlow College, Hadlow Cricket Club, Hailsham, Hair of the Dog (album), Haldern Pop, Hales baronets, Hales Place, Half a Sixpence (film), Halfway Houses, Halling railway station, Halling, Kent, Halstead, Kent, Ham Street railway station, Ham Street Woods, Ham, Kent, Hambledon Club, Hamelin de Warenne, Earl of Surrey, Hamid Mirza, Hamilton Baynes, Hamilton Dyce, Hamilton Gault, Hamish Stuart, Hamm (surname), Hammersmith Bridge, Hammerwood, Hammond Innes, Hamo de Crevecoeur, Hampshire county cricket teams, Hampshire County, West Virginia, Hampton-on-Sea, Hamstreet, HANDEL, Handel & Hendrix in London, Handley Page H. Hugh Newman, La Séguinière, Labrum (surname), Laddingford, Lade railway station, Lade, Kent, Lady Amanda Ellingworth, Lady Anne Somerset, Lady Arbella Stuart, Lady Augusta Murray, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Lady Godiva Rides Again, Lady Juliet Tadgell, Lady Lovibond, Lady Mary Dering, Lady Murray, Lady Ottoline Morrell, Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, Lady Sarah Mc Corquodale, Ladytron, Lake Tahoe Railway and Transportation Company, Lakeside Shopping Centre, Lamberhurst, Lamberhurst Quarter, Lambert Blackwell Larking, Lambeth Group, Lamborn (Hambledon cricketer), Lamorbey, Lance Macklin, Lance Percival, Land Master, Land of Leather, Landscapes (band), Langdon Abbey, Langdon Bay (Kent), Langdon, Kent, Langley Park Estate, Langley Park School for Girls, Langley Park, Maryland, Langley Vale, Langley, Kent, Langton Green, Languages of the United Kingdom, Lanning Roper, Large Black pig, Large white-faced darter, Larissa Tudor, Larkfield Priory Hotel, Larry Martyn, Lasata, Lashenden Air Warfare Museum, Lashings World XI, Lashmer Whistler, Last of the Time Lords, Last Resort (2000 film), Lathe (county subdivision), Lathe of Scray, Lathe of St. Kent and Alan Watt (cricketer) · See more »Alan Wilson Watts (6 January 1915 – 16 November 1973) was a British philosopher, writer, and speaker, best known as an interpreter and populariser of Eastern philosophy for a Western audience. Kent and Alexander Burnet · See more »The Rev Dr Alexander Crombie (17 July 1762 Aberdeen – 11 June 1840, York Terrace, Regent's Park, London, England - "He left 3 sons, Alexander Crombie, Esquire M. of Trinity College, Cambridge and a Barrister-at-Law of Lincoln's Inn, now resident at Phesdo House in Kincardineshire; Lewis Crombie, Esq, a Solicitor, and one of the Baillies of Aberdeen; Thomas Crombie, Esq, Major in the 60th Regiment on Foot, and one daughter, Jane, married in 1823 to Captain H. Kent and Alexander Gillon · See more »Alexander Muirhead, FRS, ( – 13 December 1920) born in East Saltoun, East Lothian, Scotland was an electrical engineer specialising in wireless telegraphy.

Kent and Adam Powell (cricketer) · See more »Adam Michael Richard Sopp (born 27 August 1986) is a British actor known for his role as teenager Darren Clarke in the long-running BBC school drama, Grange Hill, from 1999 to 2002.

Parkin, A1 Grand Prix, A2 road (England), A20 road (England), A2020 road, A2070 road (Great Britain), A21 road (England), A228 road, A229 road, A249 road, A25 road, A250 road, A258 road, A259 road, A26 road, A264 road, A274 road, A278 road, A28 road, A299 road, Aaron Morris (comedian), Aaron Sidwell, Aaron Willard, A–Z Series, Abbevillian, Abbey, Abbey Gate, Kent, Abbots of Shrewsbury, Abigail Ozora Simpson, Abraham Hill, Academies Act 2010, Academies Enterprise Trust, Academy FM (Folkestone), Academy FM (Thanet), Acanthopholis, Accessible Boating Association, Accompanied combined transport, Acer pseudoplatanus, Acol, Kent, Acoustic mirror, Acrise, Acrise Place, Acromas Holdings, Action Transfers, AD 43, Ada Watson, Adam Birchall, Adam Chodzko, Adam Curtis, Adam Holloway, Adam Miller (footballer), Adam Powell (cricketer), Adam Sopp, Addington Long Barrow, Addington, Kent, Adeoye Yusuff, Adisham, Adlertag, Administrative counties of England, Adminius, Admiralty court, Adolphus Sparrow, Adrian Francis Laws, Adrian Gore (British Army officer), Adrian of Canterbury, Adrian Plass, Adrian Sturges, Adriana Hunter, Advanced Landing Ground, AEC K-type, Aerial Derby, Aerial ramming, Agassiz family, Agatha Christie's Marple, Age of Heroes (film), Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London, Agnes Conway, Agnes Irving, Agnes of Eltham, Agriculture in the United Kingdom, Ahrends, Burton and Koralek, Aidan Crawley, Air Ecosse, Air Ferry Limited, Air transport in the United Kingdom, Air Union, Aircraft recognition, Airhead (band), Airliner, Airports of London, Airship N. Fessenden, DGS, Diana Quick, Diana, Princess of Wales, Diane Pearson, Diane Todd, Diarmaid Mac Culloch, Dick Edmed, Dick Knowles, Dick Morrissey, Dick Pope (cinematographer), Dick Tydeman, Die Another Day, Diggerland, Digital access carrier system, Dimmock v Secretary of State for Education and Skills, Dingestow Court, Dinodocus, Diocese of Canterbury, Diocese of Rochester, Diplotaxis muralis, Direct Line, Direct Line Group, Dirty Rotten Cheater, Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells, Dispersed settlement, District Councils' Network, Ditchling Unitarian Chapel, Ditton, Kent, Divine twins, Dixon Robinson, DIY Week, Django Bates, Do It Yourself (Ian Dury & the Blockheads album), Do Not Disturb (1965 film), Docklands Light Railway, Doctor of Civil Law, Doctor Syn, Doctor Syn (film), Doctor Syn Returns, Doctor Who (series 4), Doddington Place Gardens, Doddington, Kent, Dode, Kent, Dog-tooth, Doggerland, Doll Domination Tour, Dolor Davis, Domesday Book, Dominic Chad, Dominic Chambers, Dominic Savage, Dominic Sherwood, Dommoc, Domne Eafe, Don Campbell (footballer), Don Durbridge, Don Potter, Don Rossiter, Donald Adamson, Donald Allister, Donald Coggan, Donald Hewlett, Donald Hodge (veteran), Donald John Dean, Donald Lynden-Bell, Donald Mc Gavin, Donald Rooum, Donald Sinden, Donald Sloan (rugby union), Donald Sumner, Donegana's Hotel, Donna Noble, Donoghue v Folkestone Properties Ltd, Donovan Simmonds, Doping at the 2007 Tour de France, Doreen Norton, Dorian Gray (UK singer), Doris Gertrude Sheppard, Dormansland, Surrey, Dornier Do 17, Dorothy (opera), Dorothy Richardson, Dorothy Simpson, Dorothy Spencer, Countess of Sunderland, Dorset, Dorton House, Buckinghamshire, Dot Cotton, Double-track railway, Doug Wright (cartoonist), Doug Wright (cricketer), Douglas Booth, Douglas George Ross, Douglas Mc Whirter, Douglas Walter Belcher, Dover, Dover (UK Parliament constituency), Dover Athletic F. C., Folkestone Harbour, Folkestone Harbour railway station, Folkestone Invicta F. Kent and Algernon Blackwood · See more »William Oliver Wallace (8 December 1929 – 8 March 2009), known by his stage name Ali Bongo, was a British comedy magician and president of The Magic Circle who performed an act in which he was known as the "Shriek of Araby".

C., Deal, Kent, Dean (surname), Dean Headley, Dean Mc Donald, Dean Rance, Death knell, Deborah Barnes-Jones, Deborah Bull, Deborah Lawrenson, Deborah Stedman-Scott, Baroness Stedman-Scott, Decimus Burton, Declan Galbraith, Deena Payne, Defence Research Agency, Definite article reduction, Delanie Forbes, Delano Sam-Yorke, Delmarva Peninsula, Demand responsive transport, Demelza Hospice Care for Children, Demonym, Dempsey and Makepeace, Denehole, Denge, Denge Marsh, Denge Wood, Denis Healey, Denis Ormerod, Denis Thatcher, Denmark, Denmark national cricket team, Dennis Taylor (racing driver), Densole, Denstroude, Denton, Kent, Depopulation of Chagossians from the Chagos Archipelago, Deptford, Deptford St Nicholas, Derek Aslett, Derek Barton, Derek Birnage, Derek Deadman, Derek Minter, Derek Raymond, Derek Ufton, Derek Williams (filmmaker), Dering Roll, Dermot O' Leary, Dermot Walsh, Desmond Carrington, Desmond Dupré, Desmond Heap, Desmond Pond, Desmoulin's whorl snail, Destroyer, Detling, Detling Hill, Detling Summer Conference, Device Forts, Dewey baronets, De Witt H. Brooks, Edward Harenc, Edward Harvey, Edward Hasted, Edward Heath, Edward Hungerford (died 1607), Edward Hussey (cricketer), Edward Isaac, Edward IV of England, Edward Jacob, Edward Jorden, Edward Kirwan, Edward Knatchbull-Hugessen, 2nd Baron Brabourne, Edward Knight (cricketer), Edward Lake (politician), Edward Leeds (priest), Edward Maplesden, Edward Montagu (judge), Edward Neville, Edward Neville, 3rd Baron Bergavenny, Edward Norman (historian), Edward Norman Hay, Edward Pearce, Baron Pearce, Edward Plunkett, 18th Baron of Dunsany, Edward Poynings, Edward Randolph (colonial administrator), Edward Reed (naval architect), Edward Rice (Royal Navy officer), Edward Rigby, Edward Riou, Edward Rowe Mores, Edward Royd Rice, Edward Sackville-West, 5th Baron Sackville, Edward Sayers (RAF airman), Edward Sparke, Edward Stallybrass, Edward Streatfeild, Edward the Elder, Edward the Martyr, Edward Thomas (poet), Edward Walter Solly, Edward Waterhouse, Edward Watson (dancer), Edward Weston (politician), Edward William Meyerstein, Edward Wilson (journalist), Edward Winter (cricketer), Edward Wolfe, Edward Wotton, 1st Baron Wotton, Edwin Bramall, Edwin Dyke, Edwin Farley, Edwin Hanbury, Edwin Morris (British Army officer), Edwin Nash, Edwin Scott, Edwin Walker (cricketer), Edwin William Brunsden, Edwin Wyat, Egerton, Kent, Egerton-Barrett-Brydges baronets, Eglinton Country Park, Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, Eileen Atkins, Elan Valley Reservoirs, Elémire Zolla, Eleanor Bull, Eleanor Maltravers, Electric Gardens, Electric Hamsterland, Electrostar, Elephant & Castle railway station, Elgin County, Elham Deanery, Elham railway station, Elham Valley, Elham Valley Railway, Elham, Kent, Elias Sydall, Elias Walker Durnford, Eliot Druce, Elis Gruffydd, Elisabeth Dermot Walsh, Eliza Acton, Eliza Macauley, Elizabeth Bennet, Elizabeth de la Porte, Elizabeth Fiennes, Elizabeth Frances Amherst (poet), Elizabeth Germain, Elizabeth Montagu, Elizabeth R, Elizabeth Rawson, Elizabeth Seymour, Lady Cromwell, Elizabeth Southwell, Elizabeth Stuart (theologian), Elizabeth Watkins, Ellen Ternan, Ellen Terry, Elleston Trevor, Ellie Kendrick, Elm, Cambridgeshire, Elmley, Elmsted, Elmstone, Elsie March, Elspeth Attwooll, Eltham, Eltham Ordinance, Elton John 2004 Tour, Elvington, Kent, Emergency tow vessel, Emile Littler, Emily Patrick, Emma (2009 TV serial), Emma Brown (powerlifter), Emma Mulqueeny, Emma Soames, Emma Tatham, Emma Turner (photographer), Emmetts Garden, Emperor Norton, Empire ship, Empress Matilda, Ena Twigg, Enclosure, Enduroman, Engine (UK band), Engineering College (English specialist school), England (band), England Roller Hockey, English Australians, English Channel, English Civil War, English county histories, English embroidery, English language in England, English language in Europe, English Lowlands beech forests, English Premier Ice Hockey League, English Reformation, English Schools' Athletics Championships, Enid Blyton, Enoch Lunn, Enoch Powell, Ensignbus, Eolith, Epiphanius Evesham, Eppillus, Epsom, Erasmus Darwin IV, Eric Ball (composer), Eric Berthoud, Eric Bradbury, Eric Davis (rugby union), Eric Day, Eric Dorman-Smith, Eric Gascoigne Robinson, Eric Goddard, Eric Hambro, Eric Hammond, Eric Hayes, Eric Koch, Eric Lewis (actor), Eric Lock, Eric Lubbock, 4th Baron Avebury, Eric Maple, Eric Miles, Eric Richard, Eric Stuart Dougall, Eric Syddique, Eric Teichman, Eric Vansittart Bowater, Erich Katz, Erik Chitty, Erik Hassle, Erith, Erith and Thamesmead (UK Parliament constituency), Ernest Albert Frederick Jenner, Ernest Elmore, Ernest George Meers, Ernest Lamb, 1st Baron Rochester, Ernest Money, Ernest Record, Ernest Salter Davies, Ernie Morgan, Ernie Watkins (footballer, born 1898), ESFA Competitions 2004–2005, Esme Church, Esme Langley, Esmond Million, Espedair Street, Esplen baronets, Essex, Essex emerald, Essex Yeomanry, Estes, Esther Copley, Estonia national rugby union team, Estonian Rugby Union, Estuary English, Etchingham, Etchinghill, Kent, Ethel Hurlbatt, Ethel Moorhead, Eugénie de Montijo, European Open (golf), European polecat, Eurostar, Eurotunnel Folkestone Terminal, Eurotunnel Shuttle, Euscorpius flavicaudis, Eusebius Andrews (Royalist), Euseby Cleaver, Eustace II, Count of Boulogne, Eustace IV, Count of Boulogne, Evacuations of civilians in Britain during World War II, Evan Thomas (actor), Evans baronets, Evelyn Beatrice Hall, Evelyn Boscawen, 7th Viscount Falmouth, Evelyn Dunbar, Evelyn Hellicar, Evelyn Roberts, Evelyn Ruggles-Brise, Eversfield baronets, Everyone's Going to Die, Everything Everything, Evesham, Ewan Christian, Ewell Minnis, Exodus (2007 British film), Eye (UK Parliament constituency), Eyes Open (album), Eynsford, Eynsford Castle, Eynsford railway station, Eythorne, Eythorne Baptist Church, F. VIII, Foley Park, Folkestone, Folkestone & Hythe District, Folkestone and Hythe (UK Parliament constituency), Folkestone Castle, Folkestone F. Kent and Alfred Yeo (British politician) · See more »Algernon Henry Blackwood, CBE (14 March 1869 – 10 December 1951) was an English short story writer and novelist, one of the most prolific writers of ghost stories in the history of the genre.

Wild, John Jackson (businessman), John Jackson (Worcestershire cricketer), John Jenkins (British politician), John Jewell, John Johnson (theologian), John Josselyn, John Kelsey (cricketer), John Kemp, John Kentish, John Knatchbull (Royal Navy captain), John Kotelawala, John Langhorne (King's School Rochester), John Larkin (cricketer), John Larking, John Latham (ornithologist), John Le Fleming, John Le Mesurier, John Lefeaver, John Leland (antiquary), John Leveson, John Lewis (philosopher), John Lloyd (producer), John Lonsdale, John Lowles, John Lubbock, 1st Baron Avebury, John Lubbock, 2nd Baron Avebury, John Luscombe, John Lyly, John Maitland, 1st Duke of Lauderdale, John Mandeville, John Manley (archaeologist), John Manningham, John Marshall (British captain), John Matthew Wilson Young, John Mc Dougall (rugby union), John Mc Kay (mathematician), John Mc Veagh Lumsden, John Meaney, John Meir Astbury, John Monckton (town clerk), John Montresor, John Moore (British Army officer), John Moore-Bick, John Moore-Brabazon, 1st Baron Brabazon of Tara, John Moss (lawyer), John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore, John Nevison, John Nicholl (mariner), John Nicholson Inglefield, John Norden, John Norreys (Keeper of the Wardrobe), John Norris (Royal Navy officer), John Norwood, John Nutter, John of Eltham, Earl of Cornwall, John of Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl, John Oldcastle, John Oliver (Dean of Christ Church), John Oliver (Dean of Worcester), John Orchard, John Parker (Irish judge), John Parker (Jacobite), John Paston (died 1479), John Perie, John Phillips (cricketer), John Philpott, John Pilcher, John Pitt, 2nd Earl of Chatham, John Pocock (cricketer), John Ponet, John Preston (priest), John Prince (politician), John Proctor (historian), John Prysot, John Purvey, John Quested (RAF officer), John Quick (actor), John Raynsford, John Reading (priest), John Rebecca, John Redwood, John Reynolds (agriculturist), John Rigby Hale, John Rivers, John Robinson (bishop of Woolwich), John Ross Macduff, John Ruddock, John Russell (musician), John Sackville (died 1557), John Sackville, 3rd Duke of Dorset, John Salako, John Salerne (died 1410), John Saltmarsh (priest), John Sandford (poet), John Savage, 2nd Earl Rivers, John Scott (died 1485), John Selden, John Shaw Sr., John Sherman (cricketer), John Shuter, John Sidney, 6th Earl of Leicester, John Slagg, John Smith (1930s footballer), John Smith (British Army officer, born 1754), John Smith (police officer), John Spanswick, John Speechly, John Speed, John Spencer (priest), John Spilman, John St Leger (1674–1743), John Stanton Ward, John Still (footballer), John Stockwood, John Stowford, John Stuart, Count of Maida, John Styleman, John Talbot Savignac Hall, John Tarrant (athlete), John Taylor (bishop of Sodor and Man), John Thomas (bishop of Rochester), John Thomas Claridge, John Thomas North, John Topham (photographer), John Tradescant the Younger, John Traynor (criminal), John Trevelyan (censor), John Tufton (cricketer), John Tufton, 2nd Earl of Thanet, John Tyndall (politician), John Vane, John Veale, John Verney (judge), John Vinelott, John Wall (inventor), John Wallis Academy, John Ward (prophet), John Warner (bishop), John Watkins (architect), John Watson's Institution, John Waugh (footballer), John Wells (satirist), John Whichcord Jr., John Whichcord Snr, John Whyte-Melville-Skeffington, 13th Viscount Massereene, John Wilkinson (Australian politician), John Willes (cricketer), John William Tristram, John Williams (minister and physician), John Wills (architect), John Winnifrith, John Wrathall Bull, John Wroe, John Yorke, 7th Earl of Hardwicke, John Young (building contractor), John, King of England, Johnnie Hoskins, Johnnie Stewart, Johnny Gentle, Johnny Jordan, Johnny Morrison (footballer), Johnny Parker (jazz pianist), Johnny Warsap, Johnston Forbes-Robertson, Joint Forces Command, Joint Intelligence Training Group, Joji Obara, Jon Christos, Jon Cleary (musician), Jon Driscoll, Jon Godden, Jon Morter, Jon Sanders (director), Jon Wallis, Jonathan Anders, Jonathan Bate, Jonathan Bates, Jonathan Bowden, Jonathan Evans, Baron Evans of Weardale, Jonathan Hill (theologian), Jonathan Miles (radio presenter), Jonathan Orders, Jonathan Powell (producer), Jonathan Witchell, Jonathon Porritt, Jondaryan Homestead, Jonny Maudling, Jools Holland, Jorge Castano, Josceline Amherst, Josef František, Joseph Aspdin, Joseph Binns, Joseph Boyse, Joseph Charles Brennan, Joseph Clarkson Maddison, Joseph Conrad, Joseph Conrad's career at sea, Joseph Easby, Joseph Grossman, Joseph Gwilt, Joseph Harrison (horticulturalist), Joseph John Tucker, Joseph Kellaway, Joseph Lister, Joseph Millson, Joseph Parker (cricketer), Joseph Payne (cricketer), Joseph Prestwich, Joseph Salmon, Joseph T. Finchley, Mrs Craddock, Mrs Henry de la Pasture, Mrs Howard Paul, MS Pride of Burgundy, MSC Poesia, MTV Europe Music Award for Best Swedish Act, Muggletonianism, Muhammad al-Badr, Municipal Borough of Beckenham, Municipal Borough of Bexley, Municipal Borough of Bromley, Municipal Borough of Erith, Municipal Borough of Rochester, Municipal Corporations Act 1835, Murder of Celine Figard, Murder of Christopher Alaneme, Murder of Claire Tiltman, Murder of Hannah Williams, Muriel Matters, Murston, Music of the Spheres (Doctor Who), Musjid (horse), Muthu Coomaraswamy, MV Celtic (1903), MV Domala, MV Great Expectations, MV Kronprinsen, MV Lizzonia, MV Ross Revenge, MV Stirlingshire (1944), MV Ulysses (1941), Myriostoma, Naamua Delaney, Nackington, Namyangju, Nan Youngman, Nancy Burne, Nancy Sorrell, Naomi Cavaday, Naomi Cleaver, Napier Crookenden, Napoleon III, Napps, Wrotham, Natalie O' Connor, Natascha Engel, Natasha Rhodes, Nathan Milgate, Nathanael Richards, Nathaniel Claiborne, Nathaniel Ely, Nathaniel Hardy, Nathaniel Lardner, National Autistic Society, National Community Boats Association, National Cycle Route 1, National Fruit Collection, National Grid plc, National Historic Fleet, National League 2 South, National nature reserves in England, National Pub of the Year, National Schools Karting Association, National Socialist Movement (UK, 1962), Naval Wargames Society, Nazaneen Ghaffar, Nebulous, Ned Wenman, Neil Humphreys, Neil Ritchie, Neil Taylor (cricketer born 1959), Nellie Winifred Bernice Schroder, Nelson Dewey, Nelson Fogarty, Nepal at the 2012 Summer Olympics, Nesta Wyn Ellis, Netta Muskett, Netta Syrett, Nettlestead Green, Nettlestead Place, Nettlestead, Kent, Never Ending Tour 2010, Never Ending Tour 2012, Nevill Ground, Neville Duke, Neville Lovett, New Ash Green, New Barn, New Beacon School, New Brompton Cricket Ground, New Cross, New Cross Gate Cutting, New Cross railway station, New Enterprise Coaches, New Hythe, New Hythe railway station, New Kent County, Virginia, New Line Learning, New Line Learning Academy, New Mill, Northbourne, New Model Army, New Romney, New Romney (UK Parliament constituency), New Romney and Littlestone-on-Sea railway station, New Romney Priory, New Romney railway station, New Tavern Fort, Newbarn, Newbury Abbot Trent, Newbury, Kent, Newchurch, Kent, Newenden, Newingreen, Newington, Folkestone & Hythe, Newington, New South Wales, Newington, Swale, Newington, Thanet, Newnham Castle, Newnham, Kent, Newtown, Kent, Next of Kin (TV series), Ney Elias, NHS ambulance services, NHS Supply Chain, Nic Rouse, Nicholas Carew (Lord Privy Seal), Nicholas Crispe (died 1564), Nicholas Day (actor), Nicholas de Sigillo, Nicholas Haddock, Nicholas Metcalfe, Nicholas Moore, Nicholas Parsons, Nicholas Tufton, 1st Earl of Thanet, Nicholas Vansittart, 1st Baron Bexley, Nicholas Wilton, Nicholas Wood (MP), Nicholas Wotton, Nick Bantock, Nick Bateman (television personality), Nick Brimble, Nick Brown, Nick Bruty, Nick Ferrari, Nick Gedney, Nick Knowles, Nick Phillips (cricketer), Nick Preston, Nick Thorpe, Nick Wilton, Nigel Egg, Nigel Farage, Nigel Gibbens, Nigel H. Kent and Alan John Beale · See more »Alan Raymond Mais, Baron Mais, GBE, TD, ERD, JP (7 July 1911 – 28 November 1993) was a British peer and former Lord Mayor of the City of London between 19.

Osmer, James Hain Friswell, James Hales, James Hamblin (cricketer), James Harington (lawyer), James Hewitt, James Hillier (actor), James Howgego, James II of England, James Iles, James Jardine (cricketer), James Jordan (cricketer), James Jordan (dancer), James Kenward, James King (cricketer, born 1855), James Knight (actor), James Langhorne, James Leasor, James Mason (cricketer), James Masterton-Smith, James May's Man Lab, James Mc Cudden, James Mc Gee (author), James Mc Kie (footballer, born 1873), James Mc Sweeney, James Montague (bishop), James Morgan (engineer), James Mould, James Murray Dobson, James Norley, James Parker (cement maker), James Peckham, James Piers St Aubyn, James Pigott Pritchett, James Pimm, James Pinnock, James Ramsay (abolitionist), James Rattee, James Robertson (footballer, born 1873), James Robertson, Baron Robertson, James Rowe (cricketer), James Runciman, James Sherard, James Sherman (cricketer), James Smith (journalist), James Smith (VC), James Spens (British Army officer), James Staats Forbes, James Stirling (judge), James Summers, James Sutcliffe, James Tylden, James Walton (cricketer), James Welldon, James Whatman (papermaker), James Whitbourn, James Whitbread Lee Glaisher, James Wilford, James Wolfe, Jamie Ford (cricketer), Jamie O' Hara (footballer), Jamie Spence, Jamie Staff, Jan Aylen, Jan Leeming, Jan Mark, Jane Andrews, Jane Downs, Jane Dudley, Duchess of Northumberland, Jane Gregory, Jane Roberts (author), Jane Savage, Janet Mitchell, Janet Stancomb-Wills, Janet Street-Porter, Janet Trotter, Janice Hadlow, January 1916, January 2005 in sports, Japan–British Exhibition, Japanese in the United Kingdom, Jasmine Lowson, Jason Crest, Jason de Caires Taylor, Jason Laslett, Jason Lee (field hockey), Jasper Nicolls, Jay Bridger, Jay Darlington, Jay Purvis, Jay Stapley, Józef Michał Poniatowski, Jean Barker, Baroness Trumpington, Jean Hillier, Jean-Michel Sigere, Jean-Pierre Blanchard, Jeff Gilberthorpe, Jefferson Hack, Jeffery Amherst, 1st Baron Amherst, Jeffery Day, Jeffery Farnol, Jeffrey Gilbert (judge), Jeffrey Snowden, Jehst, Jem Mace, Jennifer James, Jennings Brewery, Jennings Musical Instruments, Jenny Lee Smith, Jeremy Child, Jeremy Clarke (governor), Jeremy Kyle, Jeremy Wade, Jerome Flynn, Jeronimo Clifford, Jerry Stevenson (musician), Jersey, Jerwood Gallery, Jerzy Wołkowicki, Jesús Zambrano, Jeskyns, Jessica Dismorr, Jezreel's tower, Jill Adams, Jill Cruwys, Jim Blum, Jim Burke (cricketer), Jim Cronin (zoo keeper), Jim Godbolt, Jim Leverton, Jim Sims, Jim Stannard, Jim Taylor (footballer, born 1934), Jimmy Fagg, Jimmy Fletcher, Jimmy Godden, Jimmy Grafton, Jimmy Harris (footballer, born 1907), Jimmy Havoc, Jimmy Jewel, Jimmy Mack (broadcaster), Jimmy Scarth, Jimmy Wootton, Jimmy Yates, Jo Brand, Jo Siffert, Jo Woodcock, Joakim Berg, Joan Bocher, Joan Glass, Joan Le Mesurier, Joan Rendell, Joan Thirkettle, Joan Thirsk, Joanna Lumley, Joanna Van Gyseghem, Joanne Thompson, Job Scott, Jobbik, Jocelyn Brooke, Joe Casely-Hayford, Joe Denly, Joe Machine, Joe Murrell, Joe Tracini, Joel Seaverns, Joey Ring, Johan Frandsen, John Abell (cricketer), John Albert Bullbrook, John Alcock (RAF officer), John Alexander (chief clerk), John Altman (actor), John Amadas, John Amherst, John and William Merfold, John Arnold (watchmaker), John Arthur Wright, John Ashburnham (MP for Winchelsea), John Aspinall (zoo owner), John Astor, 3rd Baron Astor of Hever, John Austen (illustrator), John Austin (highwayman), John Avery (organ builder), John Baker (died 1558), John Baker White (British politician), John Baldock, John Bale, John Ball (priest), John Banks (activist), John Bargrave, John Barnard (cricketer), John Barnes (film historian), John Bathurst, John Bazely, John Bell (Kent cricketer), John Benbow, John Bennett (actor), John Bennett Tunbridge, John Bickersteth, John Blaxland (explorer), John Bligh, 4th Earl of Darnley, John Boorman (cricketer), John Bowden (cricketer), John Bowra, John Boyle (bishop), John Boys (cricketer), John Boys (priest), John Boys (Royalist), John Bradshaw (writer), John Brent, John Brightman, Baron Brightman, John Brodie Innes, John Brooke-Little, John Browne (died 1570), John Browning (scientific instrument maker), John Bryant (cricketer), John Butler (MP for Kent), John Calcraft, John Calcraft (the younger), John Cartier, John Cartwright (British politician), John Cator, John Chambers White, John Chapman (publisher), John Chapman (theologian), John Charles (footballer, born 1944), John Charles Herries, John Cheyne, Baron Cheyne, John Coates (producer), John Cockett, John Colepeper, 1st Baron Colepeper, John Colleton (priest), John Cotton (minister), John Cox Bray, John Crawte, John Darell (died 1694), John de Beauchamp, 3rd Baron Beauchamp, John de Bourchier, John de Braideston, John de Cobham, 2nd Baron Cobham (of Kent), John de Vere, 7th Earl of Oxford, John de Vesci, John de Warenne, 6th Earl of Surrey, John Denne, John Devereux, 1st Baron Devereux, John Dew (bishop), John Downman, John Downton, John Droxford, John Dudlow, John Duncan Bligh, John Duncan Grant, John Duncombe (writer), John Dye (cricketer), John Edmund Sharrock Moore, John Eliot, 6th Earl of St Germans, John Eric Erichsen, John Erle-Drax, John Esplen, John Farey Jr., John Faulkner (footballer), John Fegan (rugby union), John Ferguson (police officer), John Ferguson Mc Lennan, John Field (proto-Copernican), John Forster, 1st Baron Forster of Harraby, John Frame (cricketer), John Francis (cricketer), John Frederick (English cricketer), John Frederick Herring Sr., John Freeman (VC), John Freeman Dunn, John French, 1st Earl of Ypres, John Friend (conspirator), John Frith, John Fullerton Evetts, John Furley, John Gallacher, John Garrard, John George Children, John George Nathaniel Gibbes, John Gillespie Magee Jr., John Glennie, John Goad, John Gordon (Conservative politician), John Gosling (cricketer, born 1833), John Gostling, John Graydon, John Green (Royal Navy officer), John Greenwood (executive), John Greenwood Shipman, John Gresham, John Grieve (politician), John Grubb, John Gyles (MP), John Hales (died 1540), John Halle, John Halle (MP for Dover), John Hammond (racehorse trainer), John Harris (writer), John Harvey (Royal Navy officer, born 1740), John Harvey (Royal Navy officer, born 1772), John Harvey-Jones, John Hassall (illustrator), John Hastings, 2nd Earl of Pembroke, John Hatley, John Henniker Heaton, John Henry Knight, John Herschel, John Hewie, John Hine, John Hopwood (cricketer), John Horne Tooke, John Horridge, John Hoskins (poet), John Hunt (theologian), John Hurt, John Iles, John J. records and statistics, List of Global Group stations, List of golf courses in the United Kingdom, List of Gothic brick buildings, List of Gothic Revival architecture, List of grammar schools in England, List of Great British Trees, List of Great Central Railway locomotives and rolling stock, List of Gulf War military equipment, List of gurdwaras in the United Kingdom, List of half marathon races, List of Hawker Sea Hawk operators, List of historical acts of tax resistance, List of hoards in Great Britain, List of hop varieties, List of horse mills, List of hospitals in England, List of hotels in the United Kingdom, List of independent schools in England, List of Iron Age hoards in Great Britain, List of islands of the British Isles, List of Knights Templar sites, List of lakes of England, List of languages by time of extinction, List of Latin phrases (I), List of Latin phrases (V), List of law life peerages, List of licensed and localized editions of Monopoly: Europe, List of life peerages (1958–1979), List of life peerages (1997–2010), List of life peerages (2010–present), List of lighthouses in England, List of LNG terminals, List of locations in the Port of London, List of London railway stations, List of London's Burning episodes, List of long barrows in the United Kingdom, List of long-distance footpaths in the 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of shipwrecks in 1798, List of shipwrecks in 1799, List of shipwrecks in 1800, List of shipwrecks in 1801, List of shipwrecks in 1802, List of shipwrecks in 1803, List of shipwrecks in 1804, List of shipwrecks in 1805, List of shipwrecks in 1806, List of shipwrecks in 1807, List of shipwrecks in 1808, List of shipwrecks in 1809, List of shipwrecks in 1810, List of shipwrecks in 1811, List of shipwrecks in 1812, List of shipwrecks in 1813, List of shipwrecks in 1814, List of shipwrecks in 1815, List of shipwrecks in 1816, List of shipwrecks in 1817, List of shipwrecks in 1818, List of shipwrecks in 1819, List of shipwrecks in 1820, List of shipwrecks in 1821, List of shipwrecks in 1822, List of shipwrecks in 1823, List of shipwrecks in 1824, List of shipwrecks in 1825, List of shipwrecks in 1826, List of shipwrecks in 1827, List of shipwrecks in 1828, List of shipwrecks in 1829, List of shipwrecks in 1857, List of shipwrecks in 1859, List of shipwrecks in 1867, List of shipwrecks in 1869, List of shipwrecks in 1871, List of shipwrecks in 1879, List of shipwrecks in 1881, List of shipwrecks in 1894, List of shipwrecks in 1896, List of shipwrecks in 1897, List of shipwrecks in 1901, List of shipwrecks in 1906, List of shipwrecks in 1907, List of shipwrecks in 1909, List of shipwrecks in 1914, List of shipwrecks in 1919, List of shipwrecks in 1920, List of shipwrecks in 1921, List of shipwrecks in 1922, List of shipwrecks in 1923, List of shipwrecks in 1924, List of shipwrecks in 1925, List of shipwrecks in 1926, List of shipwrecks in 1927, List of shipwrecks in 1928, List of shipwrecks in 1929, List of shipwrecks in 1930, List of shipwrecks in 1931, List of shipwrecks in 1932, List of shipwrecks in 1933, List of shipwrecks in 1934, List of shipwrecks in 1935, List of shipwrecks in 1936, List of shipwrecks in 1937, List of shipwrecks in 1938, List of shipwrecks in 1946, List of shipwrecks in 1947, List of shipwrecks in 1948, List of shipwrecks in 1949, List of shipwrecks in 1950, List of shipwrecks in 1951, List of shipwrecks in 1952, List of shipwrecks in 1953, List of shipwrecks in 1954, List of shipwrecks in 1955, List of shipwrecks in 1956, List of shipwrecks in 1957, List of shipwrecks in 1958, List of shipwrecks in 1959, List of shipwrecks in 1960, List of shipwrecks in 1961, List of shipwrecks in 1962, List of shipwrecks in 1963, List of shipwrecks in 1964, List of shipwrecks in 1965, List of shipwrecks in 1967, List of shipwrecks in 1969, List of shipwrecks in 1971, List of shipwrecks in 1972, List of shipwrecks in 1973, List of shipwrecks in 1976, List of shipwrecks in 1982, List of shipwrecks in 1983, List of shipwrecks in 1987, List of shipwrecks in 1990, List of shipwrecks in 1991, List of shipwrecks in 1999, List of shipwrecks in 2008, List of shipwrecks in April 1916, List of shipwrecks in April 1917, List of shipwrecks in April 1918, List of shipwrecks in April 1940, List of shipwrecks in April 1941, List of shipwrecks in April 1944, List of shipwrecks in April 1945, List of shipwrecks in August 1940, List of shipwrecks in August 1941, List of shipwrecks in December 1914, List of shipwrecks in December 1915, List of shipwrecks in December 1916, List of shipwrecks in December 1939, List of shipwrecks in December 1940, List of shipwrecks in December 1941, List of shipwrecks in December 1944, List of shipwrecks in December 1945, List of shipwrecks in February 1915, List of shipwrecks in February 1916, List of shipwrecks in February 1917, List of shipwrecks in February 1918, List of shipwrecks in February 1939, List of shipwrecks in February 1940, List of shipwrecks in February 1941, List of shipwrecks in February 1945, List of shipwrecks in January 1915, List of shipwrecks in January 1916, List of shipwrecks in January 1917, List of shipwrecks in January 1918, List of shipwrecks in January 1939, List of shipwrecks in January 1940, List of shipwrecks in January 1941, List of shipwrecks in January 1945, List of shipwrecks in July 1917, List of shipwrecks in July 1940, List of shipwrecks in July 1944, List of shipwrecks in July 1945, List of shipwrecks in June 1915, List of shipwrecks in June 1939, List of shipwrecks in June 1940, List of shipwrecks in June 1941, List of shipwrecks in June 1944, List of shipwrecks in March 1915, List of shipwrecks in March 1916, List of shipwrecks in March 1917, List of shipwrecks in March 1918, List of shipwrecks in March 1940, List of shipwrecks in March 1941, List of shipwrecks in March 1943, List of shipwrecks in May 1915, List of shipwrecks in May 1916, List of shipwrecks in May 1917, List of shipwrecks in May 1918, List of shipwrecks in May 1940, List of shipwrecks in May 1941, List of shipwrecks in November 1914, List of shipwrecks in November 1915, List of shipwrecks in November 1916, List of shipwrecks in November 1917, List of shipwrecks in November 1939, List of shipwrecks in November 1940, List of shipwrecks in November 1941, List of shipwrecks in November 1944, List of shipwrecks in November 1945, List of shipwrecks in October 1915, List of shipwrecks in October 1918, List of shipwrecks in October 1939, List of shipwrecks in October 1940, List of shipwrecks in September 1914, List of shipwrecks in September 1915, List of shipwrecks in September 1917, List of shipwrecks in September 1918, List of shipwrecks in September 1940, List of shipwrecks in September 1942, List of shipwrecks in the 14th century, List of shipwrecks in the 16th century, List of shipwrecks in the 17th century, List of Sites of Special Scientific Interest by Area of Search, List of Sites of Special Scientific Interest in East Sussex, List of Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Essex, List of Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Kent, List of social nudity places in Europe, List of solar eclipses visible from the United Kingdom, List of Special Protection Areas in the United Kingdom, List of SR Merchant Navy class locomotives, List of Stars in Their Eyes episodes, List of state boarding schools in England and Wales, List of stations in London fare zones 7–W, List of Strict Baptist churches, List of successful English Channel swimmers, List of Superleague Formula circuits, List of systems engineering universities, List of tallest buildings and structures in the United Kingdom by usage, List of tallest statues, List of tallest structures in the United Kingdom, List of The Adventures of Tintin locations, List of The Apprentice candidates (UK series eight), List of The Apprentice candidates (UK series five), List of The Apprentice candidates (UK series seven), List of the largest villages in England, List of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen characters, List of the most common U. county names, List of The X Factor finalists (UK series 10), List of The X Factor finalists (UK series 11), List of theology journals, List of time and places in cases of Sherlock Holmes, List of toll roads, List of tourist attractions in Kent, List of traction engine manufacturers, List of transport museums, List of tripoints of English counties, List of two-tier counties of England, List of U. , Mote Park, Mote Park (cricket ground), Mother Bombie, Motion Picture Soundtrack, Motor Sport Vision, Mount Edgcumbe Country Park, Mount Ephraim Gardens, Mount Field (cricket ground), Move in the Right Direction, Moyeuvre-Grande, Mr Majeika, Mr. Kent and Alan Ealham · See more »Alan Fennell (10 December 1936 – 10 December 2001) was a British writer and editor best known for work on series produced by Gerry Anderson, and for having created the magazines TV Century 21 and Look-in.

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Kent and Air transport in the United Kingdom · See more »Air Union was a French airline established January 1, 1923, as the result of a merger between the airlines Compagnie des Messageries Aériennes and Compagnie des Grands Express Aériens.

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