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Basically, my new analysis was about notes sections. I studied how to write a good notes section, and what makes a notes section good.

Several years ago, I studied the difference between having a long notes section and a short one.

Some notaries are doing a lot better than other notaries on 123notary. Has anything changed in the last year since we talked about analytics the last time?

Notaries with excellent notes sections outperform notaries with mediocre notes in comparable positions by double or triple in most cases.

The results of my findings were that notaries with quality notes averaged considerably more clicks than those with a poorly written notes section.

I categorized several dozen notes sections in various cities by assigning them a letter grade from A to F.

My incomplete results yielded some conclusions: Listings with: There was little difference between notes that scored D and F in terms of click performance, although D was about 20% higher on average in clicks — compared to a much higher percentage between A’s and B’s, B’s and C’s, C’s and D’s.

Conclusion: The components that make your listing thrive consist of: Placement, Reviews, Notes, and Certification.

The irony is that it takes only 20 minutes to write a brilliant notes section. We were very disappointed that only about 1% of our notaries got an A on their notes section.

Carmen and I talked in depth about this issue about nine months ago.

And yes, notaries should pay a lot more attention to analytics.

(2) Your name on the document must match the name on the identification.

However, if your name on the document is shorter than the name on the identification, that is fine.

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But, this year the focus was on the QUALITY of the notes section irrespective of size.