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Kasaysayan ni dating pangulong corazon aquino

I write to be understood, to be heard, and to grow.Does the sight of a lotus flower seed pod, aerated candy bar, soap bubbles or any cluster of holes give you a rapid heartbeat, cold sweat or crawling skin feeling?The official site of trypophobes, trypophobia.com, was created by Masai Andrews, who also founded the Facebook group page."I started the website and Facebook page because I suspected this was a very common phobia and I wanted a place where people could compile information," Andrews says.In spite of its extensiveness, the field of Psychology does not consider it as an official phobia yet.This is why the term trypophobia does not even exist in the dictionary and books or manuals regarding mental disorders or phobias which the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders says must primarily interfere "significantly with the person's normal routine." In fact, different Psychological Associations in the world do not acknowledge it as an official phobia either.In fact, an expert pointed out the fact that “what we know as trypophobia today is merely a contagious emotion of people towards another.” He claimed that the disgust of others may or may not affect your personal perspective, as aforementioned.This is why psychologists believe that such phobia does not exist, but postulates that the reaction is just a relation of fear and disgust, since recent studies showed that fear and disgust go hand in hand.

Thus, the emerging story is that these fear may be another form of the universial aversion to scars and sores – an evolved trait that possibly have helped our ancestors avoid germs and disease, which extended to objects like the lotus seed pod.

"It is my hope that one day the academic and scientific communities will, at the very least, acknowledge the aversion to holes and certain patterns." For almost a decade, the so-called phobia was nothing more than an Internet phenomenon.

This Internet phenomenon became so widely popular that researchers finally took an in-depth study regarding it and have found explanation on its validity and possible cause.

If the government is serious in eradicating corruption, it should work to strengthen the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG), rather than move to abolish it, according to Sen. "Kung talagang determinado ang gobyerno na labanan ang katiwalian, bakit nais nitong buwagin ang PCGG na siyang naghahabol sa nakaw na yaman ng pamilya Marcos," said Sen.

Bam, alluding to the move of the House of Representatives to abolish the PCGG.

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"Although the studies on causes of fears have all focused on more common ones, such as spiders and snakes, there is no reason to think that different factors would be responsible for more unusual fears,” Antony adds.

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