Joke man woman oil change anniversary dating

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"But thanks to improvements in modern engines and modern oils, most cars can comfortably drive at least 5,000 miles or even up to 10,000 miles on the same oil."" data-reactid="21"If you can, check the owners manual for specific oil intervals and the type of oil your car needs, Lauren Fix, a car expert, and ASE certified technician, suggests.

Kia spokesman James Hope says because Robert can’t prove it, there was probably a “significant lack of maintenance,” which voids the warranty.

After a month or so of going back and forth, Robert was asked to produce oil-change receipts.

“He told them most of the oil changes were done by him,” Faith said.

It costs more, but mechanics know you'll get more miles between changes.

Over time, the chemical structures in the oil break down and make it a less effective lubricant, according to Mc Kenzie.

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And the oil is there to reduce friction, which causes heat.