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But when she opened up shop in 1992, Reyhan didn’t give all of that much thought. Despite its discreet location and largely word-of-mouth operation, Eromega has had no problem drawing customers since.

“My customers come all the way from Antalya [in southern Turkey] and around the country.” Not even the massive anti-government Occupy Gezi protests, which erupted last month only a 10-minute walk away from her shop, have hurt business, she said.

According to the sex shop owners Ohri interviewed, the proportion of their customers who are women is, as Ohri told me, “seriously low.” It can be challenging enough to be a woman in Turkey, where 39 percent of women have suffered physical violence at some time in their lives according to a 2011 United Nations report (higher than the U. or Europe) and Prime Minister Erdogan has suggested that each woman should have at least four children. “That women feel comfortable walking in is important.

Reyhan is happy with her operation but she dreams of more.

“I’ve heard about sex shops in Europe and the United States.

Last November, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan ordered all “erotic shops” in the Turkish capital of Ankara be renamed “love shops” because he’s “disturbed” by them. Gulum Bacanak of the Turkish Sexual Health Institute is not surprised that it’s so taboo.

“In Turkey, you cannot ask about sex shops directly because they are considered shameful,” she said, adding that many of her patients are curious, but dare not go look for themselves.

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