Is clay aiken dating anyone

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Is clay aiken dating anyone

“I did play Clinton in my eighth-grade class debate.” And he’s still an underdog, a gay Democrat running in a district that voted in favor of an amendment to the state constitution banning same-sex marriage. Two years ago, Ellmers’ distinguished challenger, retired Army Lt. “It’s an uphill battle,” concedes Randy Voller, chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party.In 2011, the district was redrawn to favor a Republican candidate. With [gerrymandering], you can redraw districts that split through the bedroom pretty much.” So when approached in 2013 by, among others, Gene Conti, former secretary of the North Carolina Department of Transportation, Aiken’s first response was “Ha-ha, no! “They plied me with information about how the district had been blue in the past – there were a lot of yellow dogs in the area – but because of Obamacare, they started voting Republican,” Aiken says. He doesn’t actually say curse words but rather mouths them dramatically. Of running for office, Aiken is quick to point out that “you have to raise a lot of money and expect to get people talking crap about you. And getting kicked around the block and having people talk crap about me? So come November 5th, I will be in Congress or I will be looking for a different job than I’ve had the last 11 years.” It’s possible Aiken would have been looking for another job anyway: Whereas his 2003 debut album sold 2.8 million copies, his most recent, 2012’s sold 12,000.“Christmas is about family, friends and fun,” Studdard said.“Clay and I can’t wait to bring all those things together on Broadway this December!runner-up and crooner extraordinaire, decided enough was enough.For more than six months, party leaders had been trying to get him to challenge Ellmers, a tough task in an overwhelmingly red district.Roughly a year later, he’s thusly groomed (beige-y jacket, Ken-doll hair, too-white teeth and Willie Stark drawl) and hot (quite literally) on the campaign trail.He’s racing in, late and sweaty, to a Moore County Democratic Party luncheon at the tony Pinehurst country club, where the accents trickle, the iced tea flows, and Aiken sneaks out as soon as the speeches are over.

First of all, Clay would know better than to have me baby-sit his child. So says Kelly’s My Space profile, which a tipster points out was changed to “single.” And what song is he listening to?Christina Aguilera’s “”You Lost Me,” which goes “She has won / Now its no fun / We’ve lost it all / The love is gone. There's a song called "Chivas" on my last album, the fans love it, I have to perform it everywhere or they'll yell at me. Listening to the song the next day was pretty funny. The best part is, I came home and I kept trying to remember the melody; I was pretty inebriated, and I sang it into my Mac computer.

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Does this one bad boyfriend know these songs are about him? You're dating a creative person, it's obviously going to come out in my work.