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To say “hello,” you would use “,” which means, “may God protect you.” Physical greetings are generally restricted to members of the same gender — men only kiss other men and women kiss other women.

If you meet on the street, a handshake is the more common greeting.

You’ll need to pay special attention at the airport and at land border crossings — be sure to put on a long-sleeved shirt, pants and proper shoes.

Despite the strict dress code, you’ll be surprised to find women pushing the limits (especially in the big cities) by wearing their halfway back on their head, and tight, colourful leggings or skinny jeans.

When you arrive, check to see if the host is wearing shoes. Show respect for the elders by greeting them first, and shake everyone's hand individually. Note that meals taken at home are usually served on the floor and eaten without utensils (it is only in modern homes that meals are served at a dining table with place settings).

Remember to eat with your right hand and try a bit of everything that is served.

I would advise female travellers to wear long, flowing tops or tunics and cardigans that run below the waistline.

Baggy pants and covered shoes are also highly recommended.

If you’re wondering how to greet people you meet on the streets, start by learning basic Farsi greetings.

Iranians tend to protest compliments and belittle their own accomplishments in an attempt to appear humble.

In adherence to If you are invited to an Iranian's house — and trust me, you likely will be — there are a few things you need to observe.

With that said, here are 12 things that happen when you date an Persian guy:1.

Where the first and greatest empire of the world was founded. While your new man is (probably) a good person, culture plays into personality and habits — both of which are not easily altered, if at all. If your man is having you over for dinner with his parents, come hungry (and thirsty) and fill your plate more than once.2. Yep, Persian men takes care of himself and his room.3.

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Most tables are set with a spoon and fork though (no knives) — if you don’t feel comfortable using your hands, don’t be embarrassed to use the utensils.

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