Indian celibates dating

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Indian celibates dating

Rodger, before his shooting rampage and suicide, was known to post on at least one incel message board, online communities almost entirely made up of men who blame society for their inability to find a partner. He is often invoked with his initials, “ER,” sometimes used in the context of “Going ER,” as in pulling off a copycat attack. Minassian fits into these online communities of anti-feminist trolls, many self-styled incels spent Tuesday celebrating the attack he is alleged to have carried out.

The incel community exists in a dark corner of the internet, infamous for its sexist, racist and homophobic language, where cyberbullying and posts normalizing rape are common.

Detective Sergeant Graham Gibson told a news conference on Tuesday afternoon that the victims were “predominately female.” The post on Mr.

Minassian’s Facebook also references “Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger,” the gunman who opened fire on students at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2014, killing six. Rodger called his planned attack “retribution” for the women who rejected him and for “all you men for living a better life than me.” Mr.

“It feels like being the scientist who figured out nuclear fission and then discovers it’s being used as a weapon for war.Minassian’s Facebook page; it is home to one of the most popular incel communities.4chan is a message board dating back to 2003 that allows users to post texts and images anonymously on a variety of issue-specific boards.In recent years, it has become infamous as a home for online trolls.Web-ranking service Alexa reports 4chan is among the 100 most popular websites in the United States.

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