Im 19 dating 24 year old

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Im 19 dating 24 year old

I might have had some losers in the bunch when I was younger, but I also had some good picks too.

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I didn't date her for very long and never intended to get serious with her.

The same with everyone else in the world, you don't know everything about a person within the first few days of meeting them.

Their parents are best friends and so for years we're practically brought up together.

Aged 27, woman meets the mans sister and they become close. I don't really understand what a woman of nearly 30 would see in a lad barely out of his teens. She is the same age as me and I cannot wrap my head around how she can be attracted to someone so much younger. I personally at 30 cannot ever see myself being interested in an 18 year old. I don't think I'd feel any differently if the sexes were reversed either, before anyone asks I will admit I feel a bit weird about my best friend's sister having met her bloke at 15/16, he was in his thirties.

Then aged 9, they went to different schools and had ceased to see each other at all. He just seems too young for someone soon to be hitting 30! My 18yr old cousin recently had a lot of attention from a 29yr old woman.

In a few years time it won't matter so much though, eg 23 and 30 is no biggie.

Nope, because I already know people in relationships with age gaps like that and so I think I'm used to it.

As long as both parties are honest with intentions/wants etc (she may be wanting to settle down soon, could you/he handle that? Communication is key regardless of the age of people in any relationship.

I was talking to a girl about it and she said the oldest she would date is 26. (gold digger) My current girlfriend her ex is 28 now she just turned 21. She HAD to talk everyday like we were in high school. It was annoying and I ended up dumping her over all of these differences amongst a few other things. She was very intelligent and we had a lot in common, but she was still immature.

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