Height dating dating a popular girl

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Height dating

He was good-looking, had good chat and was a bit older, which is something I’m dabbling in after mostly dating younger guys. I’m 5’9, which isn’t crazy tall but I’ve often found myself towering over men and I don’t like it (more on that later.) We’d already agreed to meet up, but I really wanted to know how tall he was to know what shoes to wear.

Now, I don’t wear heels, but I live in chunky ankle boots which often have a two inch flatform – and these two inches could well push me into ‘taller than him’ category.

‘Luckily I found a lovely person who is my height but always wears heels so may as well be taller than me, so it’s never bothered me.

‘All that bothered me was being discounted over something so meaningless ‘Anyway being smaller just means I’m harder to push over.’ Something that came out of all this height chat is that many women don’t want to be taller than their male date, but don’t know why.

It might be the case that men who are less tall might develop characteristics to counterbalance their limitations in the selection process, such as being more protective, so that they can be chosen by women.

‘In short, if you are a man and not so tall, don’t despair.

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