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These “hardwoods” were actually birch (grained to resemble mahogany and spruce) and maple (grained to look like rosewood) for the fretboard. Other Archtone owners may notice a slightly different model number, but with the exception of a tenor version, the only difference is the finish.

The H1213 (your model) was finished with a shaded-brown sunburst, the H1214 was ivory-colored with a flame effect, and the H1215 was a sunburst with a grained effect.

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While production totals are unavailable, we can safely say that tens of thousands of these instruments were manufactured.

Hey Zach, I have a Harmony archtop acoustic with the following numbers inside: F-63-HB and 3714H1213. And you’re right— most Harmony guitars aren’t worth much, or in other words, they aren’t very collectible.Harmony was the largest US guitar manufacturer between the 1930s and late 1960s.At the height of the guitar boom in the mid-1960s, Harmony was building more than 1000 instruments per day.new scientist magazine december 6 2006 Clipping in Football Terms vdategames walkthrough lucy.Brands of Nail Polish: myrtle beach singles hotels.

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In excellent condition, this model is worth between $200 and $250 today.