Granie onlive chat cam

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Granie onlive chat cam

Our streaming partner, HDOn Tap, has some troubleshooting solutions that may be helpful if you ever encounter any of the following issues.

Buffering can occur for a number of reasons when viewing a live stream.

Our new streaming partner, HDOn Tap, provides thumbnails for “Other Views” — so, if you mouse over the cam, you will see all three cam views at the bottom of the screen.

By default, Cam 1, or the first thumbnail, is streaming.

Our cameras and technology are constantly being upgraded, resulting in better images, but requiring more bandwidth.

Bald eagles live along the coast and on major lakes and rivers where they feed mainly on fish.

Eagles sit at the top of the food chain, making them more vulnerable to toxic chemicals in the environment, since each link in the food chain tends to concentrate chemicals from the lower link. Generally, they do not feed on domestic livestock or pets, but they will make use of available food sources.

POPPING OUT THE CHAT WINDOW: Look at the bottom lower right icon underneath chat (it’s a square with an arrow pointing in a northeast direction outside the square.) By clicking that little square, a separate chat window opens that you can move anywhere on your computer screen.

MOVE THE POPPED OUT CHAT WINDOW: Simply place your curser at the top of this new “popped out” window, hold down the left side of your mouse, and you can move the new chat window anywhere you want it to be.

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In Partnership with Hawk Mountain Sanctuary & Comcast Business • Powered by HDOn Tap This live video feed has been granted a Special Permit by the Pennsylvania Game Commission for educational purposes.

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