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Sometimes I could run GPUpdate, other times I had to run /force.

As it turned out, Group Policy was always working – I just didn’t understand it.

I've been swapping and upgrading mods, gear, etc, and while my character/ship GP is adjusting accordingly in their respective screens, my GP under my profile hasn't changed in days.

This has me greatly worried that all the changes I've been making aren't going to be saved in GA.

Finally, if you want to learn more about Group Policy and how it will make your life easier, then subscribe to Deploy Happiness and get great weekly tips (plus your free guide to the Windows 8 Administrative Start Menu)! From this forum I found Group Policy Mangement and have been using it since, applying the odd policy, but without having changed any setting the latest policies I have created are not taking an effect.ive use gpudate and gpudate /force and restarted the server but there arent taking effect, could some point me in the right direction as to what might be causing this?I am disabling the password complexity the server is a TS and all clients are thin clients, this should still apply should it?I didnt have to update each individual client before with other policys.

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this may be an issue its may not be but; the server name is ts the DNS name is 8.local NETBIOS name is EIGHTLTD in gpmc the forest is 8.local but when user logon it say Log on to: EIGHTLTD could this be the route of the problem or is this ok The name should be OK.

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