Frequency contact dating

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Frequency contact dating

You can automate the process of segmenting your audience by engagement in many marketing automation platforms.

After 5 emails, complaint rates rose substantially., a debt relief company increased their email frequency to just twice a week and saw their list size rapidly shrink as subscribers opted out due to the higher email frequency.Besides, even when fashion consumers aren’t buying, they may still enjoy browsing.On the other hand, Saa S company emailing customers 6.21 per week would be insane (although I know a few that do! People buy business software once, and then need an occasional update, training, or upsell.Low engagement, spam complaints and even low open rates are all red flags to email service providers.As your domain reputation falls, email service providers such as Google and Microsoft may Make sure your subscribers know from the outset what they are signing up for.

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You’ll need to create lists based on how many emails it's been since each person last engaged. Once you have identified your most engaged, and least engaged audience members, you can build a strategy designed for each segment.

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