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He took a tube of lubricant and began to coat my ass with it.

He coated the butt plug and placed it at my opening, saying, "relax my sissy, this is for the best.

The tranformation on my body both terrified and amazed me!

In this way started the life of Barbara, the beautiful wife of Max (at least for the people).Then I posed in front of a big mirror, and I tried to act and pose just like her... At 15 I met my actual boyfriend, who would have changed my life forever...Of course every time I had a massive erection in “her” panties... He came to my home to help me with afterschool homeworks, but for sure I was very attracted by him a lot. I would love to say him everything but i fear his reaction, though I felt that he was very fond of me. I dressed as a woman from head to toes, then i was waiting for him... I know, not a great comment, but I was sure he loved what he saw, especially looking at the big bulge i saw in his pants...This does have its benefits, as no one knows that I am not an everyday wife. She was beautiful, and I wanted to be just like her.You might think that it would have been more natural for me to have wanted to emulate my father, but to me, my mother was a goddess. I must have been seven or eight, and the shoes were, of course, too big for me.

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Well this is the start of my story, just to make it short, otherwise i guess it could be boring...

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