Double date dating service

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Double date dating service

Clicking on a new standard at this point will not change the display date you typed.

The "standard" is merely an internal reference for the computer's use only.

If it is the second of the two, then you should be assured that you can type in any date you want in any format you want and Family Tree will except it.

Here are two examples, first an example of a double date, and secondly a named Sunday such as I run into a lot in the old Norwegian records I mainly deal with: The trick is to type in the entire date then instead of clicking on a standard date from the list that pops up, click anywhere else outside the text entry box.

Use of numbers, rather than names, of months was especially prevalent in Quaker records.

Double Dating Between and , not only were two calendars in use in Europe and in European colonies , but two different starts of the year were in use in England.

If my memory serves me well it doesn't always , the system doesn't take to double dates unless you serve up what I'll call a full date.

For my Swiss research, double dates in the English sense were never used.The date will stay the way you typed it and the standard will be set to what the computer program will use in the search, find, and possible duplicate routines.If you don't like the standard that appears, then you can click on the standard itself and see if there are additional, more appropriate standards to choose from.Under the English "system", also, it is only dates between January 1 and March 24, inclusive, that will have a double year, right? We also need to be allowed double dates when we know a range of years when an event took place. I've heard about it many times, but since I don't have any direct research in that area at this point, I've never gotten around to really figuring it out. That is, to whom is the plea in your first sentence addressed?For example: If we know the parents in a family married on 12 July and their first child was born 18 May and we find another child who died in 23 Oct and no age is listed we can still calculate the range of years when that child was born between because another child is born on 2 July It is more accurate to estimate the birth than to leave it blank. People working in Family Tree or the Family Tree program itself?

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What other people will see unless they open the date to edit it is the displayed date that you typed in.

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