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David spade dating heather

Not much of a surprise considering David’s love for blonde Playmates, Pamela Anderson also found herself on this list.

As one of the most famous Playboy Playmates in the publication’s entire run, she was arguably Baywatch’s steamiest lifesaver.

This actress supposedly became close with David while the two were partying together in Las Vegas.

We say “rumor” because as the saying goes, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Well, well, well, it seems David Spade doesn’t just have a thing for British women.

We’re not sure how he does it (can he teach us his ways?

) but over the course of his career, David Spade has managed to romance some of the most beautiful and famous women in Hollywood – and even though these rumors were only rumors, we’re still pretty impressed.

This reputation is not for his comedy or his acting.The Easter bunny and the f--king tooth fairy are for sure dating. "However, another source says it's casual but they're having a great time, and Rivera's said to be telling her friends that Spade spoils her rotten and...well, what's not to love about that?Meanwhile, regardless of how real the connection was, pretty much every year of Spade's life since the mid-90s is accounted for when it comes to being linked, attached, rumored to be dating or actually dating someone.In 2006, David allegedly had a romantic relationship with none other than the legend herself, Tara Leigh Patrick, whom we all know as Carmen Electra.Most men in the world would’ve loved to do the same, and if we’re being honest, they’re probably a bit jealous of Spade.

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