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Consequently, these are expectations of the contributions of HR staff.

"Women are perhaps drawn by the self-confidence of foreign men and partly by the stereotype of a hot Latin lover." Indeed, stereotypes may to a degree explain the popularity of foreign men, confirms Johanna Leinonen, a research coordinator at the University of Turku.

This all makes Human Resources careers exceptional opportunities for people starting out in the workforce.

Check out the following information for guidance when you're considering a rewarding HR career. HR is a professional career that demands integrity, confidentiality (employee information is sacrosanct), and a high level of interpersonal interaction abilities from its practitioners.

How necessary they depend on many factors such as your region and your expectations for your career in HR.

Certifications are not required to begin a career in HR.


Increasingly, for a successful career in HR, you will also need business management, finance, and accounting education and experience when possible.