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Please check Volkswagen car parts catalog for additional information if you're looking for parts to repair your vehicle. It is possible to get market price of new or used Volkswagen by VIN number.

Every buyer must check Volkswagen car history before getting a car loan or credit. Do not forget to read about Volkswagen problems, recalls and complaints.

The VIN number has a specific format that is globally recognized. Every car manufacturer is obliged to mark all its vehicles in this special format.

Very good condition, rust free, this Zwitter its a colectors car and runs very good. Fitted with later engine but original engine is beeing rebuilt and it's included in sale price. This car was restored in the past, and driven around the block to make it running, otherwise always garage stored.....

It also stands out due to its condition which is fantastic.

Customers who are looking for a Long block Engine can find rebuilds and 000 mile engines from plenty of reputable shops that primarily focus on engines.

We'll leave engine building to the mechanics, performance enthusiast, and grease monkeys.

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Beginning in the 1965 model year (August 1964), the VIN/chassis number begins with the 2-digit model number, i.e. The numbers below for 1965-up use the "default" prefix of 21 (Panelvan). Please see this thread in the Forums for more details.

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