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Many find the chemistry that takes time (more dates) lasts longer.

Some just want to feel safe or turned on before hooking up. What don't they know about your that makes you undeserving?

In a post a couple weeks ago I mused about how the online dating world is plagued by what I guess we’ll call the “physical attraction problem.” I touched off a bit of controversy, both here and on Facebook, because there was some disconnect between what I set out to say and what people wound up hearing. In any case, the question of attraction is important if we’re ever to improve on our current trainwreck of an online dating system. Couldn’t care less – I’ve been crazy over blondes, brunettes and redheads with short hair, long hair, curly hair, straight hair, you name it. Now, you notice that there were physical and non-physical traits in there, and you see preferences and deal-breakers in both categories.

I’ve been thinking about these issues, for reasons noted in that top link, and I can’t help feeling like the single biggest hurdle to getting from to something that actually works for people is physical attraction. Guess what – you’re like I am, and so is just about everyone else.

You seem to describe factors of admiration vs intimidation, suggesting the intimidation is coming from within. get your shit together, and this question will work itself out.Dressing in your favorite outfit can boost your confidence a lot more that other clothes.Whenever you are feeling down, you can create an aura of assertiveness by wearing an outfit that doesn’t let you fade into the background, but attracts attention and helps you project an outgoing appearance without being loud or coarse.It's not important for you to be one way or another - good girl or bad girl, princess or tramp, both, neither, or all of the above. What is important is to know yourself and be true to yourself.

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I’m exploring the possibility that there’s a better way to help single people find happiness, and if that leads me into a lucrative business start-up, well, that’s just gravy.

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