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From there, go through the Region and Language section, and click Options on the English section to Add a Keyboard. From there, you can edit your keyboard from the Input Sources section.Here, you can add the Spanish keyboard by clicking the sign to add Spanish as an additional option. If you check the box to Show Input Menu in Menu Bar, you will now be able to choose between Spanish and English keyboards from the top bar of your Mac.

There are a few different methods that should work to create the eñe on a PC.If for some reason you don’t have an n with squiggle when you do the above, then try it again, but make sure to hold the control and tilde keys the entire time without letting go too soon.This is a new method, so if it’s still not working, it might be because you have an older version of , which is a standard encoding method used in all computers and in other telecommunication devices.Finally, press the letter n all at the same time, and the should appear, turning your typical letter n into an n with tilde.If you want to create an uppercase version, hold the Shift key when you press the letter n, and the uppercase Ñ should appear.

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We recommend memorizing the proper keystrokes so you can quickly and easily insert an eñe into whatever document you are writing with ease.

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