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Arranged marriages might be something to consider for our societies. So the purpose of Xiangqin is actually the opposite of the purpose of arranged marriages in the Middle East.

In the Middle East without enforced Sharia people will naturally have casual sex (which Arabs in the West do have). Without parents introducing gals to guys sometimes guys and gals don't ever get coupled.

Ive not asked anyone else because there hasnt been anyone else that i was interested in dating honestly, few crushes here and there but no concrete interest. I'd have to actually go out and meet new people, and honestly, I'm not all that bothered.

My nerves and anxiety over my weight get the better of me honestly and might push me away from asking someone else in general, but im working on those with weight loss and trying to boost my confidence. The first broke it off with me, and honestly it didn't bother me that much, which is probably indicative of why. It can get a bit lonely sometimes, but I'm comfortable in my own company.

It was my first relationship, and I didn't really know what I was doing. That there is no exception to the rule "There is an exception to every rule" is the exception that proves the rule.---Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day.

There, I think I touched on my major points in not pursuing dating.

Are self reporting, this decline could be attributed to a shift in how important young people believe dating and sex is and how those attitudes have changed.

I know for sure that if you'd asked my class back when I was a teenager if they'd dated and/or had sex damn near all the boys would have replied with 'yeah of course.'I'd say with absolute certainty that it's not some weird retrofitted scientific racism bollocks causing this though. Dating, relationships, and even sex are at an all time low in the developed world.

Those whom do approach me either reek of desperation or immaturity and I refuse to entertain that sort of behavior while I'm busy building a career and a life for myself.3.

My social circles are small enough as is and I prefer to keep them that way to best keep things simple and straightforward.

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If I crave momentary human interactions beyond them, I can always go to a bar or a nightclub, dance with a stranger, and then return home. Dating, relationships, and even sex are at an all time low in the developed world.

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