Dating divas road trip

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Dating divas road trip

I had candy, i Pad time (an hour for ), magic coloring pads, and a few other things.

The Target One Spot is a great place to look for these.

You might think that being in the car downtime, but it’s not.

Stop at rest stops that have playgrounds and let your kids get out and run around for a little bit.

Over the years we’ve had two barf incidents, a few pee accidents, and lots of messy spills.

It’s a lot easier to get your kids cleaned up when you have a change of clothes handy! So we brought lots of different snacks in individualized snack-sized plastic bags.

After three trips, I’ve got a lot of good tips for you!

Parenting already requires a good deal of patience, but when you all pile into a car and can’t escape each other for hours at a time, you have to have even more patience.

I used clothespins to attach them to my sun visor, and then each time we passed through one of the cities, I took a printout down.We’ve picked up some tips along the way, but now that we have three kids and a dog, road trips are a little different.I tried out a few new things on our travels and really figured out what helps make our road trips go smoothly.This looks different for different ages, but the idea is the same.You’re not going to want to have to occupy your kids the entire road trip, so bring things for them to do in the car.

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I 100% believe that these little dollars and rewards were responsible for my older two kids’ good behavior on our long trip to and home from Colorado. ” Another helpful thing I used from the Dating Divas were these little road trip countdown printouts.

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