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Posted by / 11-Oct-2020 15:50

Dating a rebound women

Many rebounders reconnect with their exes to reconcile the differences and make a fresh start.They may cry, repent about the mistakes they never made, surrender in front of the ex, just to avoid the nasty feeling of being alone. They believe in the ‘love will overcome all odds’ philosophy, including their couple differences as well, which is not true at all.Mostly short-lived, rebound relationships are a result of a person’s emotional instability and insecurity. A breakup works as a ‘pause’ button in a couple’s life.

To achieve clarity on this, here are 8 of the most important rebound relationship signs to watch out for.

Usually, many of us who are seriously involved in a relationship go into our shells, shed tears or go through the painful stages of a breakup.

But at the same time, another tribe of individuals chooses the opposite way of instant healing.

Is rebound relationship an easy-to-use balm that can heal breakup wounds instantly, or does it bring torment to your soul?

Is it a sure-shot answer to breakup woes or will it pull you into a cycle of failed relationships? Filled with complexities, this ‘rebound saga’ can potentially cause you consequent heartbreaks and put you in a toxic, unhealthy and painful relationship.

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This new relationship serves as a guiding light to heal your breakup woes.