Dating a former gang member

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It was around this time that he began hanging around his neighbor Stanley Tookie Williams, the leader of the West Side Crips street gang.

In his memoir Blue Rage, Black Redemption, Tookie Williams recalled the occasions in which he and other adult members of the Crips would smoke PCP and lift weights at Williams's house.

Shakur was courted into the gang (also known as being jumped in: in which gang members beat up the new recruit to see if he or she is brave enough to fight back and defend himself or herself).

Shakur and another gang member then hotwired a stolen car after which he and several members of the ETGs, all armed with revolvers and shotguns, tracked down members of the Brims street gang (a set of the Bloods), which had been hanging out in the Crips' neighborhood.

On the evening of June 15, 1975, the day of his sixth-grade graduation, Kody was initiated into the ETGs.Williams was sentenced to death row and executed by lethal injection on December 13, 2005.On August 9, 1979, Raymond Washington, the founder of the Crips, was murdered in a drive-by shooting near his home.In March 2007, Shakur, already sought by police for parole violations and named on the city's most-wanted gang members list, was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department for allegedly breaking into the home of an acquaintance and beating him in order to steal his car. In 1970, Ernest and Birdie Scott divorced, and, for the next five years, Ernest Scott would visit the family on weekends but still openly displayed contempt for young Shakur.The charges represent a possible third strike that could send Shakur back to prison for life. In 1972, Birdie Scott moved her family into a house on West 69th Street and Denker Avenue in a very rough and gang-infested neighborhood on the west side of South Central Los Angeles.

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According to Shakur, Crips present at the crime scene overheard police officers saying that whoever assaulted the man was a "monster" and reported this back to him.