Christian dating emotional boundaries marriage and dating articles

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Christian dating emotional boundaries

More Precious is a blog that includes contributions from girls all over the world, sharing stories of their journeys of faith and their walk with God.Their vision is to encourage girls from a young age to be strong and distinctive in their Christian faith throughout their most formative years.

Here are six brief boundary principles explored more fully in this helpful book. Both children who continue to depend on parents for help (financially or otherwise), and children who continue to feel obligated to please and obey their parents are injuring God’s natural boundaries.Friendships formed out of obligation, guilt, or codependence are not healthy and will inevitably breed conflict.God gives us freedom to enjoy certain people based upon temperament, interests, similarities, and compatibility. We can have good healthy bonds with work and church members, extended family and relatives without feeling pressured to be “friends” with everyone we meet.Years of nagging produced no effect, but when the punctual spouse finally just left to arrive on time without the other, the left-behind spouse had to face the consequences of her actions. This was not unkind on the part of the punctual spouse, but rather resulted in necessary personal growth for the tardy one.This example demonstrates a healthy separation when actions are causing anger or sadness. Compliant people (people-pleasers) need stronger boundaries. While boundaries provide good healthy principles for everyone, compliant personalities tend to be the most boundary-injured, due to their strong inner desire to please those around them.

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