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Camer live shqip

It is important to note because that choice includes a large of Albanian population that favor these radios.

Given the fact that the Albanian population lives abroad, prefer radios which are in European Countries, so we have more radio stations from European countries published.

Fixed-focus lenses, which have no provision for adjustment, are also available.

Typical interfaces used by articles marketed as a "webcam" are USB, Ethernet and IEEE 802.11 (denominated as IP camera). Various proprietary as well as free and open-source software is available to handle the UVC stream.

Some cameras, such as mobile-phone cameras, use a CMOS sensor with supporting electronics "on die", i.e.

the sensor and the support electronics are built on a single silicon chip to save space and manufacturing costs.

Camera Setup software is a simple setup software to assist user to get the IP address of camera so that user can access the web application easily.

Through the web application page, user can setup further settings of camera, and watch live view and download the video file stored on SD card and so on.

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Many newer devices can produce video in multi-megapixel resolutions, and a few can run at high frame rates such as the Play Station Eye, which can produce 320×240 video at 120 frames per second.