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Black rabbit speed dating

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Suddenly I notice what I cook and I wanna get better at it. Me (24F) been on a few dates with a guy (22M), been having some form of conversation every day, usually initiated by him but sometimes by me.

So they enlisted the help of Amy Odum, a longtime volunteer of Animal Care Centers of NYC and a bunny matchmaker.

She places Moo in a small room and brings in a few potential roommates.

In the morning I sensed him being a bit distant, for example not really responding if I sort of touched him or displayed some affection.

I did think it was weird but I wasn't going to push it.

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I feel so damn comfortable with him, like I have known him for much longer? But this guy, I find him 10/10, and suddenly, I feel like I am not pretty enough, not good enough, even though I know I am a catch, a 10/10 to some.

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